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Hanging Out With My Girl, Alex


I took this picture last November while walking with Alex on a trail on a beautiful Fall day.  Even though my neighborhood has a lot of areas where we can walk, I like to take Alex to different places outside of our neighborhood so she can experience new smells, people, dogs, etc.


Lately, we’ve been pretty busy with Alex’s furry friends staying over with us, therefore our outings have been limited to our neighborhood area, but since for the next two weeks Alex will be my only canine companion I’ll do my best to go out with her and explore other areas.


Of course, always remembering not to over do it since my girl, Alex, just turned 11 this year.  I always take with me water, treats, brush, wipes, and an extra leash.  Let’s not forget a cell phone and camera to capture precious moments with Alex.

Bedrest For Alex

Tomorrow, Friday, will be two months since Alex, per her vet’s advice, was put on limited walks and a lot of bedrest.  I was hoping that she’d be ready to go for our nice long walks, but a couple of days ago she started to limp again.  The limping lasted a couple of hours and after that it went away.  I called the vet and I was told to take her back for an appt. next week.


I did a bit of research on pet hydrotherapy and I’ll be talking about it with Alex’s vet next week to see if this would be something that she can try to build muscle around the affected area.

Alex will be 11 years old on May 5th and I am planning to pamper my girl that day, but I also know that she has different needs that a young dog so she’ll stay with short walks until I talk to the vet next week.  If you have tried hydrotherapy with your dog(s), I’d love to get your input.

Staycation With My Pack


Well, our staycation started on Tuesday of this week and will be ending today, Thursday, and I’ll be honest with you when I say that Alex really enjoyed and milked it for all it was worth.  We took very short walks since Alex is not allowed to walk very long, I did some reading and writing and enjoyed some naps here and there.  I can’t complain.


But then, I thought about it a little longer and I remembered that Alex was allowed to sleep on the couch while I watched a movie, treat in hand, of course because God forbid I forget her treat.  If I were to forget, she’ll look at me with those beautiful brown eyes until I get up to get it.  I do forget sometimes, but my daughter is quite good at reminding me about different things specially treats.  Alex was walked, brushed, wiped, and pampered.  Uh!  I think it was Alex’s staycation and not mine.


I think she knew what I was thinking and so she decided to make herself all angelic looking.  Did it work?  Yes, it always does.

Nap Time For My Canine Companions – Alex, Walter And Roxy

After our walk and breakfast, I did dishes and I asked Cynthia to hang out in the living room with Alex, Walter and Roxy until I was done.  Once I was finished, I went to see what these kids were doing, and here they all are:



Roxy asleep on one of her favorite spots.  Every time I put her bed so she can use it she looks at it and keeps going, but she seems to enjoy my carpet.



Yes, that is Alex under the covers.  Because she is on bed rest per the vet’s instructions, she put on a bit of weight.  Wow!  It only took 11 years to get her to put on a couple of pounds.  Ok., maybe not a couple of pounds, but at least 1 lb.  Please, allow me to dream.



Walter was the only one awake, but he soon realized that Alex and Roxy were already asleep so he was trying to figure out if he were to follow their lead or do his own thing.


Walter decided to follow their lead.  Watching them made me think that many times I feel guilty for taking a nap or just taking a day to do nothing but relax.  Look at them.  Not a care in the world and enjoying a nap.  I have to learn to do this.  There are so many things our four-legged companions can teach us, and relaxing is one of them.  Have a great weekend.

Alex At The Vet – X-Rays And Dental Cleaning

Yesterday, while on a walk with Alex, Walter and Gir, I noticed that she started to limp.  We went straight home and I got her to go to bed right away.  I looked at her right front leg and it seemed fine, but I made an appt. with the vet to get it checked out.

Today, at 7:30am I dropped her off at the vet’s office for x-rays along with a dental cleaning.  The vet called and said that she probably has what it’s called a soft tissue injury which requires 4-6 weeks or longer to completely heal.



He also said that although she is almost 11 years old, everything looks good on her ekg, blood work, and the x-rays do not show arthritis.  In other words, my girl, Alex, for her age is in really good shape, but he recommended the following:

  • Very limited movement for the next 10 days
  • After that, walking to a minimal for 4-6 weeks or longer
  • Start her on omega-3 capsules
  • Rejuvenate – some sort of supplement I need to get from the vet

I can’t wait to pick her up this afternoon.  I am so glad I have Walter and Gir staying with us to make me company.  I don’t know about you, but my home seems empty without a dog, specially without my Alex.

Josie And Alex This Weekend



Josie is staying with us this weekend, and this is how she looks after our nice long walks during the day.


Sleep was a lot more tempting than posing for pictures for my blog.  Oh well, models are supposed to be prima donnas.



Alex joined Josie and went to sleep as well.  One of the pet parents asked me once, “is it loud when you have more than just Alex staying with you?”  No, the only time it gets loud is when someone rings the bell and during drop off/pick up time.  Other than that, all you can hear is the tv or radio along with our conversations and that is why this environment is not stressful for dogs.

If you want to get your dog tired and be able to do some chores or just watch a movie and relax, exercise your dog so you can do that.  This way, both you and your dog companion are happy.  Take care.

Roxy, On Her Way To Visit Her Grandparents



Let me start by saying that Roxy got a haircut and she looks adorable.  She is flying out tonight to see her grandparents therefore she needs to look her best.


In order to diminish any anxiety she may feel due to her trip, I took her for an extra long walk in the morning, and she’ll get another one in the afternoon.  This is how she looked after our walk.  Roxy is really my shadow, but she was so tired that when I went upstairs to get something, she did not follow me.  Now that is unbelievable and not common for her at all.  Translation: She was tired!

gps3Now that Roxy is in the arms of Morpheus I can sit down and finish this post.  Anytime you are planning to have your pet fly with you, please remember a couple of things such as:

  • Walk/run with her in order to get her tired and avoid or diminish anxiety.
  • Do not feed her close to the time you are due to catch your flight.
  • Make sure she is properly hydrated.
  • Make sure, and this is important, that she does #1 and #2 before boarding the plane.
  • Do your best to take a direct flight.

The above are just some suggestions you may want to take into account if you are planning to take your canine companion with you.  What do you do to prepare for a trip with your doggie?