Roxy, On Her Way To Visit Her Grandparents


Let me start by saying that Roxy got a haircut and she looks adorable.  She is flying out tonight to see her grandparents therefore she needs to look her best.


In order to diminish any anxiety she may feel due to her trip, I took her for an extra long walk in the morning, and she’ll get another one in the afternoon.  This is how she looked after our walk.  Roxy is really my shadow, but she was so tired that when I went upstairs to get something, she did not follow me.  Now that is unbelievable and not common for her at all.  Translation: She was tired!

gps3Now that Roxy is in the arms of Morpheus I can sit down and finish this post.  Anytime you are planning to have your pet fly with you, please remember a couple of things such as:

  • Walk/run with her in order to get her tired and avoid or diminish anxiety.
  • Do not feed her close to the time you are due to catch your flight.
  • Make sure she is properly hydrated.
  • Make sure, and this is important, that she does #1 and #2 before boarding the plane.
  • Do your best to take a direct flight.

The above are just some suggestions you may want to take into account if you are planning to take your canine companion with you.  What do you do to prepare for a trip with your doggie?

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  1. We use the rescue-remedy – 7 drops for me and a bucket full for my staff ;o)

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