Behavior And Training Courses And Board And Train

Please be aware of the following:

  • All my training packages are geared towards behavior followed by training
  • There will be a lot of work on your part.  If you expect your dog to behave better, you will have to do homework with him.  Yes, homework:-)
  • At the beginning of each session, you’ll be tested on last week’s session
  • Because behavior and training go hand in hand, I will be looking at how you and your dog exit your car.  Why?  Because I am working on behavior from the get go, and how you open a door for your dog, the way you hold the leash, your body language, tone of voice and energy will determine how your dog will behave or misbehave, and this will also give me an insight on what we’ll need to do to get him to do better.  Why do I do this?  Because we have to work with real life situations and exiting a car is one of them
  • If you adopted your dog – rescue organization, shelter, etc. – there is a $10 discount on all behavior and training packages only.  You need to present copy of adoption paperwork to get discount
  • For pet parents that own pit bulls and pit bull mixes, there is a $20 discount on all behavior and training packages only.  You need to provide a copy that states that your dog is either a pit bull or pit bull mix.  Only one discount applies to a training package
  • This is not a kennel facility, therefore your dog will experience real life situations that you will encounter at home


Initial 45 Minute Consultation: $29

I will help you choose the right program for your dog.  Some dogs need training and behavior, while others need only behavior since they already know obedience cues.  This consultation is important because I need to know your dog’s temperament, activity level, quirks, etc.  This consultation is only to give you information about the programs that will work best for your dog, and a list of the goals you have for your dog.

Level I Puppy/New Dog Behavior & Training – 4 lesson package: $199

  • Behavior will include the following:
  1. Start working on loose-leash walking
  2. Owning your place/space
  3. Doors – there is no bolting out an open door
  • Training cues:
    • Name game
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Come

Ideal for puppies and newly adopted dogs regardless of age.  This is a good introduction to the above cues, doggie manners, and reinforcement of good behavior.

Level II Basic Behavior & Training – 4 lesson package $199

  • Behavior, based on what was learned on Level I, will include:
    • Master loose-leash walking
    • Stairs – navigating stairs in a safely manner
    • Doors – going through doors not being dragged through them
  • Training cues:
    • Master all training cues from Level I
    • Down
    • Off
    • Place
    • Introduction of hand signals

Level II adds a more in depth behavior modification phase – this can deal with minor behavior problems – and introduction of hand signals.

Level III Advanced Behavior & Training – 4 lesson package: $199

  • Behavior, based on what was learned on Level I and II, will include:
    • Enjoying your meal while your dog respectfully waits his turn
    • Feeding your dog and making him work for it
    • Entering and exiting his kennel properly
  • Training will include:
    • Adding distractions
    • Training cues at a distance

Great program that will challenge your dog, teach him doggie manners, and address minor to moderate behavioral problems.

Training at your home – 5 lesson package $485

My Dog is Driving Me Crazy – Help Me  $349

This is a 2 hour session during which I will evaluate your dog, conduct an assessment of your household dynamics in order to determine how this influence your dog’s behavior, and teach you how to properly communicate with your dog by making simple changes in your life and/or schedule.

Payment is required  prior to commencing any training and behavior modification sessions.

Board & Train

3 weeks/3 private lessons $1995 (Level I)

4 weeks/3 private lessons $2632 (Level I)

5 weeks/3 private lessons $3255 (Level I)

6 weeks/4 private lesson $3864 (Level I)

During private lessons you’ll be taught how to continue the behavior and training of your dog.  The first class is to take place the day you pick up your dog.

Because your dog will live with the trainer in her home, the environmental stress of a kennel facility is eliminated and real life experiences, like the ones your dog will encounter back home, will be provided.  The trainer will do her best to try and keep the same schedule followed at your dog’s home.


2 responses to “Behavior And Training Courses And Board And Train

  1. Do you offer day classes during the week dor puppies?

    • Yes, I do. I also prefer to take no more than 2 pet parents at a time. Most of my classes are actually one pet parent and one furry kid. You could e-mail me or call me if you’d like to talk. Thanks

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