Seminars And Behavior Modification Sessions

Duration of seminars: 2 hours $199

Seminars, depending on the one you choose, will cover:

The Basics of Dog Behavior (My Most Popular One) – A dog needs to have a job, exercise, discipline and affection
Dog Psychology and Communicating Effectively With Your Canine Companion – treat your dog like a dog and not a human being, and be clear about what you are communicating to your dog
Adding a New Dog to Your Family – take into account the temperament, rather than just the breed, of the new dog in order for such dog to be compatible with your family
Prospective Pet Parents – places where you can go to adopt a dog, and a glimpse of what to do and expect regarding: behavior, training, diet, etc.
How to Properly Use Tools such as: leash, collar, crate, toys, etc. – picking the right tools for your dog, and how to introduce them to him.

The above is just some of seminars available at this time. Seminars are conducted at the trainer’s home.

Behavior Modification Session At My Place $99

Behavior Modification Session At Your Place: $149

This is excellent for those pet parents that prefer to have hands on experience with their own dog, and want to work on a one-on-one format. Here’s a list of the behavior modification sessions available at this time:

1.Loose Leash Walking (My most popular one)
2.Canine Body Language
3.Dog Psychology and Communicating Effectively With Your Canine Companion
5.What is Your Body Language And Energy Telling your dog

*Payment in full is required prior to attending any seminar or behavior modification session*