Behavioral issues can be overwhelming for any pet parent regardless of the experience you may have had with other dogs-by the way no dog is alike- therefore learning how to interact with your dog and communicate effectively could be the difference between living and enjoying your dog, or having one more headache to deal with.  For that reason, I offer seminars geared to understanding how your dog sees the world and communicates-well, tries to communicate-with us.

The Basics of Dog Behavior (My Most Popular One) – A dog needs to have a job, exercise, discipline and affection in order to be a balanced dog

Energy, Smell, Intention, And Body Language (My 2nd Most Popular) – We are an open book to our dogs while we are still trying to figure them out.

Dog Psychology and Communicating Effectively With Your Canine Companion – treat your dog like a dog and not a human being, and be clear about what you are communicating to your dog otherwise you will confuse her

Adding a New Dog to Your Family – take into account the age, gender, and temperament of the new dog in order for such dog to be compatible with your family

Prospective Pet Parents – places where you can go to adopt a dog, and a glimpse of what to do and expect regarding: behavior, training, diet, etc.

How to Properly Use Tools such as: leash, collar, crate, toys, etc. – picking the right tools for your dog, and how to introduce them to him.