Nap Time For My Canine Companions – Alex, Walter And Roxy


After our walk and breakfast, I did dishes and I asked Cynthia to hang out in the living room with Alex, Walter and Roxy until I was done.  Once I was finished, I went to see what these kids were doing, and here they all are:


Roxy asleep on one of her favorite spots.  Every time I put her bed so she can use it she looks at it and keeps going, but she seems to enjoy my carpet.


Yes, that is Alex under the covers.  Because she is on bed rest per the vet’s instructions, she put on a bit of weight.  Wow!  It only took 11 years to get her to put on a couple of pounds.  Ok., maybe not a couple of pounds, but at least 1 lb.  Please, allow me to dream.


Walter was the only one awake, but he soon realized that Alex and Roxy were already asleep so he was trying to figure out if he were to follow their lead or do his own thing.


Walter decided to follow their lead.  Watching them made me think that many times I feel guilty for taking a nap or just taking a day to do nothing but relax.  Look at them.  Not a care in the world and enjoying a nap.  I have to learn to do this.  There are so many things our four-legged companions can teach us, and relaxing is one of them.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. I like naps. All I have to do is think “nap” and all four of our pups nod in agreement. The only dilemma we have is…nap in the sunshine, nap on the cozy bed or nap in a pile on the floor watching a good movie? 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      Wow! That sounds wonderful. I am getting better at it. In Ecuador, it was very common to take naps in the afternoon when I was a child, but I was never able to do it because I had too much energy. But now, I just feel guilty, but looking at my Alex and the dogs that stay with me is doing me a lot of good because I am starting to, little by little, learn not to feel bad about a nap:) Dogs are amazing teachers.

  2. newsferret says:

    Can not beat pooches for character, can we?

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