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TGIF – Siesta Time

tgif1Around 1pm, I took Alex and her canine companions out for a short walk around the neighborhood.  When we were a couple of minutes away from home, it started to rain so we had to hurry up since I did not want them to get wet.  After I dried them, they had a nice snack and went to bed.

tgif2Even Bella, who has boundless energy, was tired after our walk so she decided to follow suit and take a well deserved nap.  What a great way to start this weekend.

Siesta Time On a Really Lazy Afternoon

There are many things that the dogs that stay with us and Alex teach me, but there is one thing I had, and still have, a really terrible time doing for the longest time ever and that was, this is such a shameful confession since we Spanish are known for our siestas, taking a nap.  As a child growing up in Ecuador, naps were the norm rather than the exception, but I was never able to take a nap.


Time went by and I found myself living in the US enjoying my time with Alex and furry kids like Sarris and Dexter, and I’d take a look at them and see how peacefully they sleep so, what do you think I did?


I quickly followed suit and I was out like a light.  Yes, that is me under that blanket.  About a decade ago, I lived in Naples, Italy for 2 years and I noticed that Italians ate a lot of sweets and pasta, but I rarely saw people overweight.  They also drank a lot of wine and took naps.  I’ve been thinking lately that Spanish and Italians have the right combination of food, recreation, and relaxation, therefore I am going to try to learn from Spanish, Italians, and my canine companions and do my best to take a nap.


After we woke up from our nap, Cynthia and I took them out for our usual short outing, anytime between 12pm – 4pm, depending on the weather, so they can stretch their legs and do their business followed by dinner.  Since I had the AC on, they all seemed to want to go out to the deck to warm up a little bit so we stayed out for about 10 minutes, and then we all came in.  We’ll be going for our evening walk later on, but I can certainly say that this was one really lazy afternoon I truly enjoyed.

Staycation With My Pack


Well, our staycation started on Tuesday of this week and will be ending today, Thursday, and I’ll be honest with you when I say that Alex really enjoyed and milked it for all it was worth.  We took very short walks since Alex is not allowed to walk very long, I did some reading and writing and enjoyed some naps here and there.  I can’t complain.


But then, I thought about it a little longer and I remembered that Alex was allowed to sleep on the couch while I watched a movie, treat in hand, of course because God forbid I forget her treat.  If I were to forget, she’ll look at me with those beautiful brown eyes until I get up to get it.  I do forget sometimes, but my daughter is quite good at reminding me about different things specially treats.  Alex was walked, brushed, wiped, and pampered.  Uh!  I think it was Alex’s staycation and not mine.


I think she knew what I was thinking and so she decided to make herself all angelic looking.  Did it work?  Yes, it always does.

Nap Time For My Canine Companions – Alex, Walter And Roxy

After our walk and breakfast, I did dishes and I asked Cynthia to hang out in the living room with Alex, Walter and Roxy until I was done.  Once I was finished, I went to see what these kids were doing, and here they all are:



Roxy asleep on one of her favorite spots.  Every time I put her bed so she can use it she looks at it and keeps going, but she seems to enjoy my carpet.



Yes, that is Alex under the covers.  Because she is on bed rest per the vet’s instructions, she put on a bit of weight.  Wow!  It only took 11 years to get her to put on a couple of pounds.  Ok., maybe not a couple of pounds, but at least 1 lb.  Please, allow me to dream.



Walter was the only one awake, but he soon realized that Alex and Roxy were already asleep so he was trying to figure out if he were to follow their lead or do his own thing.


Walter decided to follow their lead.  Watching them made me think that many times I feel guilty for taking a nap or just taking a day to do nothing but relax.  Look at them.  Not a care in the world and enjoying a nap.  I have to learn to do this.  There are so many things our four-legged companions can teach us, and relaxing is one of them.  Have a great weekend.