3 Reasons To Crate Train Your Dog

Avril, “Pictures, again? Could I please get my beauty sleep?”

There are many reasons why your dog should be crate trained, but I think these 3 that follow-for me-are the most important:

  • The first reason is Safety. Whether your dog is at home or being transported in your car, she needs to be safely crated in order to avoid injuries to others and herself.
  • The second reason-many times not understood by us humans-is that your dog needs a place where she could go when she is feeling tired, sleepy or just needs a break from our shenanigans.
  • And my third reason-very important, you’ll see-is to house train your dog. You don’t want a puppy/dog that soils everywhere, do you? Dogs do not like to soil in their own bed/crate therefore they will learn to hold it. By the way, house training is another long post for another day.

Avril, the cutie pie in the above picture, is learning the ins and outs of crate training and she is doing wonderful. I like to put a comforter to cover the crate to make sure she is warm. Before I forget, she snores, but that is just one of her cute little quirks. Stay safe!

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  1. Those are good reasons. We also created a baby-jail, as we called it, for our mini-Australian Shepherd puppy because he was climbing all over our Leonberger Bronco and biting and dangling in his tail. We were worried Bronco would lose his patience with him when we were not present. It turns out he regarded baby-jail as his own house and would not, for example, allow our pug to go in there. He chased her out. It was his and only his.

    1. Marcela says:

      Love Australian shepherds. A mini one? Yay! Lol. Your mini- Aussie is very smart 🤓

  2. There is something very endearing about a snoring dog. 😊

    1. Marcela says:

      I’m glad you feel that way because I found snoring dogs adorable 😍

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