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Merry Belated Xmas 2020

Abby, “Grandma, is that present for you or for me? Please double check the label”

Sorry for the late post, but we do hope that you enjoyed this past Christmas with your loved ones. We celebrated with our support bubble because we are being careful and doing our best to stay safe during this pandemic.

I hope that next year we start to see a bit of a resemblance of what life used to be before this pandemic showed up. Merry belated Christmas to you, your furry kids, and family. Stay safe.

Keeping Our Dogs, House, And Ourselves Clean

wp may 15 2020

Walter, Alex, and Dexter (Left to Right)

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic we are taking more precautions in order to stay safe, and that-of course-includes our dogs and home.  These are the things I’d recommend you do to keep your dogs clean:

  • Brush your dog’s hair (long and short-haired dogs) after a walk.  Always!
  • Wipe off your dog’s paws (get baby wipes from the Dollar Store) and check her pads for any foreign object in them
  • Change her bedding frequently (every couple of days or daily)
  • Brush her teeth before going to bed

wp may 15 20202

Nap time!

When it comes to our house, I dust, vacuum, and sweep often because as you pet parents well know, our doggies shed a lot.  What about yours truly?  I wash my hands constantly and I carry hand wipes with me always.  Keeping our dogs clean does not require a lot of money or time so let’s get in the habit of doing so in order to keep us all safe.  Take care.

Back Home – Maryland

MD1 wp jan 30 2020

Abby, “Mom, I like the new smells I am picking up from here!”

Yes, we’re finally back home.  Home is really where your heart is, and a long time ago I realized that that place was Maryland.  For the last 5 years, we lived in Stoughton, MA and although it was a nice place, and we met amazing people and dogs, I always hoped that we had the opportunity to come back to Maryland and it finally came true.

MD2 wp jan 30 2020

Abby, “Mom, I picked up an amazing new smell.  It smells like chicken!”

We were really busy moving for the last couple of weeks, but finally things are less hectic, and I have been able to take Abby for nice walks around the neighborhood lately.  Thanks to all the pet parents in Massachusetts that trusted us with their canine kids, we’ll miss you all, and looking forward to meeting amazing dogs and their pet parents in Crofton, MD.  It feels great to be back home!

John F Kennedy Library in Boston, MA

jfk2This past weekend was the first weekend we did not have to do something or be somewhere so we decided to continue exploring Boston, MA and took Alex with us to the JFK Library.  No, we were not able to go inside with Alex, but that was fine.

jfk1We walked around and took some pictures, but we didn’t stay very long because it was hot and we didn’t want Alex to over do it.  As you can see, she wasn’t very interested in posing for Cynthia.

jfk3All of a sudden, Alex decided to be shy, and on top of that I forgot to bring treats so she really didn’t want to cooperate.  Boy, what a diva.

jfk4Although I still miss Maryland, I’ve realized that I am very fortunate to have my family with me.  A fellow blogger said something like this, “Home is where your dogs are,” and that made me think a lot.  Seriously, a lot.  Thanks to all of you for your kind words and input.  I am excited about all the possibilities that are to come our way.  See you later Maryland.  Hello Boston!

Blizzard 2015 – Really?


Well, I really thought that Maryland was going to get hit pretty bad with this storm, but we dodged the bullet, and I am so glad.  I was worried to be quiet honest, but Alex, on the other hand, was cool like a cucumber.  When I took her out, I think she was just happy to be out and did not seem to have a care in the world.

blizzard20152Aside from taking Alex for short walks, during Winter I do my best to make sure that I always have chicken soup cooked and ready for my girl.  She seems to enjoy it specially when she gets it as part of her morning and evening meal.  Don’t forget to exercise your canine companions, but please bundle up, both you and your furry kid, make the walks short, and be safe.

The 3 Musketeers On The Road To Michigan

Cynthia, Alex, and I haven’t been on a road trip for what feels like a long time, so we decided to take some time off and go to visit family in Michigan.


We left from Maryland around noon and unlike other times I was not stressed out for I told myself that this would be a trip that I’d truly enjoy with my 2 amazing girls.  Alex wore a seat belt made for dogs, not seen in this picture, since it is never a good idea to travel with a dog unrestrained.  Does she look tired?


Were you expecting to see picture of people?  I know, me too, but dogs are always much more interesting to me than any other being so with that in mind let me introduce to you Alex’s cousin, Hazel.  Hazel is a Shepherd mix of almost 3 years old.  She is very loving with people and dogs and she was madly in love with Alex.


Ok., now here’s the picture of our family.  Alex got tired of posing so she decided to leave.  I think we were a little too loud for her.  What a picky girl.  Hazel got scared of the camera and since we wanted a picture of all of us together we went outside to take another picture.  This time with Hazel in it, of course.


All right, now we are all together, except that Alex did not care to pose for this picture.  My daughter is a bit of a diva I guess.


It was fun visiting family and we hope to see them in the near future.  Oh, before I forget, Alex, my picky eater, decided not to eat any kibble and only had the chicken soup I took with us.  She lost some weight, but you know what?  The same night we got home she ate 1 cup of her kibble, yes, the same kibble she did not touch during our trip, and 1/2 cup of chicken soup.  Yes, she likes her routine along with her own bed and human food.  Oh my beautiful picky daughter.

It’s Raining In Maryland

Well, I am not going to complain about the weather because we did have a wonderful weekend, but I do want to show you what Alex and Roxy have been up to this rainy day.


Alex does not seem to be concerned at all about the weather.  She and Roxy had a short walk, followed by breakfast, and a nap.


No, Roxy does not seem to care about the weather either.  I am going to follow their lead and make the best out of this rainy day.  Have a great week.

A Letter To “My” Departed Dozer

Let me start by saying that Dozer was not mine, but although my brain keeps telling my heart that, my stubborn heart will never be able to comprehend that, therefore I say that he is “my” Dozer.


My dear Dozer,

When I first met you, during a meet and greet, I was in awe of your size.  You, so far, are the biggest dog I’ve been fortunate and lucky enough to board, know, and love.  You were impressive, to say the least.  As I got to know you, I realized that what was more impressive than your size was the fact that you were sweet, loving, docile, and so easy to fall in love with.

Forgive me for not writing right away, but I was filled with anger and I did not think that that would have been the right time to write this letter to you.  Why angry?  Because you are gone, it is that simple.  While dwelling in my anger, I remembered reading somewhere that the reason why a dog happens to be in our lives is to teach us the many things we are unable to learn from other humans, and that a dog’s life is short because if it were to be long, we, humans, would not be able to cope with such a loss.  It actually made sense to me.

Before I had that epiphany, I was just sad, period.  At night, I could not stop thinking about you and so I started to cry.  Cynthia saw me and comforted me and told me the following:  “Dozer will be sorely missed, that is for sure,” then she said, “He farted when we were sitting at the table.  Didn’t you smell it?” I don’t know why, but for some odd reason I just laughed my butt off.  I truly needed that, but in all honesty, I did not smell your farts.  Thank you for that.

Cynthia, Alex and I are going to miss you dearly, and we hope the best to your pet parents while dealing with your loss.  I am not going to say good-bye to you, but rather I’ll see you later for I know we will see each other in the future.  Until then, a big hug and kiss from all of us.

Yours always,


Rainy/Snowy Day – Still A Wonderful Day

There are a few things I truly dislike, and one of those happens to be rainy/snowy days like the one we had today in Maryland.  I always tell my girlfriend, “I hate this kind of weather,” but to my surprise this was one of the few times I did not feel like that.



I looked at Alex, who seemed to be enjoying her bed rest, and I was grateful for having her in my life and for all the laughter and joy she brings to my pack.



I, then, took a look at Walter, my current walking partner and saw how content he was just hanging out in the kitchen with us.  I think he believes he was helping with dinner and to be honest, who am I to tell him otherwise, right?


Cynthia, as always, was busy cooking something very delicious: chicken breast.  Ok., now I am really grateful.  Why?  She always cooks delicious meals.  I hate to cook.

rainy4This is our deck.  In the morning it was snowing, but after a few hours the little bit of snow we had was melted by the rain.



Walter decided that patrolling the kitchen for “intruders” would be better than just watching Cynthia cook.

Walter, our sous chef and guard dog

Walter, our sous chef and guard dog

After patrolling the kitchen, Walter got a little tired and decided to take a break in the dining room.  Walter is a great sous chef, walking partner and guard dog.  He barks at anything and anybody he believes to be a threat.  Australian Shepherds are working dogs with a strong herding and guarding instincts.  Walter fits that profile, but he is also amazingly sweet and loves hugs.  With all these amazing beings around me, how can I not be happy and grateful for having them in my life?  Yes, even a rainy/snowy day can be a wonderful day.  It all depends on how you look at it.

Our First Outing to Patapsco Valley State Park – Daniels Area

Our First Outing

All right, I finally got everything I needed for our first outing, water, wipes, treats, sandwiches, leashes, etc., and we headed out to Patapsco State Park, Daniels area last week.

As I was driving I started to think, “I hope they behave, Alex and Kingston, and we have a great time”.  The reason why I was thinking this is because Alex wants to give every person she encounters a kiss, in other words a saliva bath, and Kingston copies her behavior.  Now as many pet parents know, there are those who do not appreciate this type of attention so I was hoping Alex would be in her best behavior.  Anyway, to my surprise they both did wonderful.  The “problem” actually came in the human form.  Cynthia is now obsessed with photography so she took her camera and started to take pictures while we walked, of course she would stay at least 40 minutes in the same place.  How can she take so long?  Never mind, only a photographer could answer that question, I guess.  Well, seeing how fast she was at this new hobby, I decided to keep walking with Alex and Kingston and come back for her later on.

A while later, we came back to find her and she was nowhere in sight.  I started to walk back and forth with panic in the pit of my stomach and thinking, “this is the third time going back to the same spot so after this I am calling the police.  Darn it, no signal”.  Yes, I was that scared.  Why?  There are so many horrible stories about people being abducted in the blink of an eye that to say that I was afraid was an understatement.  We finally found her with a big smile on her face.  Let’s just say for brevity’s sake that I told her loud, all right, very loud, and clear never to do that again.  She apologized and after that she’d only take a couple of minutes to take her pictures.

Life is full of surprises.  I thought that Alex and Kingston would misbehave, when in reality the one I should have been worried about was my human companion.  Go figure.