Is It Spring Or Summer?


Abby, “I thought we were both supposed to be guarding our property. What’s up with Charlie?”

I am a bit confused with the weather here in Maryland. The last couple of days have been chilly-no, cold is the better word-but a few weeks ago we had temperature that went up to 75 degrees. I was about to put all our winter clothes away, but the cold weather came back, so Abby is back to wearing her cute sweaters.

Now, something I found funny and curious was that the 2 of them went to “guard” Cynthia. Who knows, maybe there was some classified information nobody-except for Cynthia-needed to be privy to so they took it upon themselves to guard her. I should say, Abby was on guard duty. Charlie, well maybe his guarding skills are better when he is asleep. What do you think?

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  1. We share your confusion. 84 last week, snow this week, rain today. We feel dizzy with all the bouncing back and forth.

    1. Marcela says:

      So glad you feel the same way. Misery loves company, right? 😆

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