Bundle Up! It’s Starting To Get Cold Here

Let me start by saying that most of the time I feel cold. I see people wearing shorts and t-shirts during fall season and I am in awe of them because I’m already cold during this time.

Charlie, our GSD mix, was wearing a backpack, but no sweater, the same goes for Abby and Remy. The day was beautiful so there was no need for that. By the way, when it starts to get warm, Abby hates to walk with a backpack so I do not subject such a beautiful creature to such cruel and unusual punishment, but it took me a little bit of time to realize that. Sorry Abby!

I am a big advocate for walks regardless of the season, but please make sure that you and your dogs bundle up when the weather starts getting cold. Also, walk in different areas to make it interesting for you, and your doggies. Take care!

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  1. Yup…we’re delaying our morning walk until the temps are above freezing. Despite Norman being a sheepdog, he’s not a cold weather fan. Elsa could care less, bouncing like a galloping jack rabbit through snow drifts. She’s too funny to watch. As long s my hands are warm, I can cope with the next season. The trick is getting them warm most of the time. đŸ˜†

    1. Marcela says:

      As I always tell pet parents, dogs are individuals as you can clearly tell when you are describing your doggies. So funny! Yes, I got to keep my hands warm as well. I put on my gloves the minute right before I turn on my car. Otherwise I am cold and miserable while walking them and I hate that.

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