My Mom Is Feeling Under The Weather

Champagne a gorgeous Pitbull, and Abby our BeaBull (Left to Right)

Abby, “So my mom has not been feeling well these last couple of days, therefore our walks, tummy rubs, treats, and so much more declined considerably. I didn’t know what to do so I asked her to take a look at our old pics and whichever one made her smile to post on her website. And so she picked the above pic. I am staying close to her, and I am trying not to be too demanding. Crossing my fingers, well if I had any, that my mom fells better soon. Sloppy kisses to all of you!”

5 responses to “My Mom Is Feeling Under The Weather

  1. Lucky says, tell your mum to feel better quick cause those tummy rubs are missed!

  2. Thanks for updating. Hope she soon feels better. My dog Suzie says she understands as her Mom has been unwell too, and she misses her long walks. “I cuddle up to her on the bed , day time I’ll sit on her lap and give her lots of licks.”

  3. Aww, those faces may be just what the doctor ordered to feel better. Hope your mum feels better soon.

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