Walking With Abby

wp sept 2 20171

If there’s one thing Abby and I – Ok sometimes some of Abby’s friends as well – do is walk.  The above picture was taken in Plymouth, MA.  I go through shoes really fast, as you can imagine, but I enjoy walking with dogs.

wp sept 2 20172

Walking is a great exercise for you, pet parent, and your canine companion, therefore lace up your shoes and go for a nice long walk.  The above picture was taken in Provincetown, MA.  Yes, we take Abby everywhere we can with us.  Have a great week.

8 responses to “Walking With Abby

  1. I’m convinced the 5+ miles a day is what keeps Sam who is almost 12 in such great shape and hopefully as effective for me too. 😉 Way to go!

  2. I tend to go through a pair of sneakers in 6 months; sometimes less

  3. peacelovepointers

    Altra tennis shoes always last a good while for me. Bit pricey though.

  4. If only my cats would walk on a leash…

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