Abby Paying Her Bills In Person


Abby, “Mom, do I really have to pay my bills on time?”

Abby was pretty surprised when I told her that she needed to go in person and pay her water/sewage/garbage bill.  As you can see, she was so bothered by it that she was giving me the cold shoulder.  What a brat!  I wanted to be mad at her, but she looked so cute wearing that sweater that all I did was smile.


Abby, “Ok mom, let’s go home. I dropped off the check.”

And so Abby paid her utility bill, posed for this picture, and we headed back home.  Abby goes every where I am able to take her.  That’s the only way your canine companion can get used to different noises, people, cars, etc.  What places are you able to take your dog to?

16 responses to “Abby Paying Her Bills In Person

  1. I take my Grandma’s dogs (they are staying with me right now) as many places as I can. The socialization is good for them.
    However, the most rewarding place is to take them to the nursing home where she is in rehab. Not only does she get cheered by their visits (and I hope motivated to work hard at her PT so she can be home with them) but it seems like everyone we see from patients, long term tenants and staff really enjoys seeing them. It feels like we are bringing a morale boost to the whole community.

  2. Our neighborhood is pretty dog friendly and both Sam & Elsa are always welcomed at most of the little boutiques and shops (except at restaurants-we’re still in the dark ages about bringing your dog in those establishments) and because Sam is a therapy dog he goes to all sorts of places. Wherever we walk, the dogs come along. Good to teach responsible credit practices early on. 😉

  3. Even when my GSDog can’t go in a store (which is often) I still take her on errands and she waits patiently in the car. 98% of the time we’re together. I can’t see much reason to leave my best friend behind. We also spent 9 months on a road trip from Florida to California, bonding and having a great time exploring. 🙂

    • I am with you. My last dog, a beautiful 13 year old pit bull mix, that passed away last year was the one the traveled the most with me. She went from Maryland to North Carolina to visit family; Maryland to New York; Maryland to Virginia; Maryland to Michigan and Toronto; and Maryland to Massachusetts. She traveled with me and never gave a hard time, but I exposed her to traveling when she was still a puppy. Continue taking your dog with you:-)

  4. New Zealand has a way to go with dog accessibility. Pet shops allow them to come and we give our business to the cafes who are dog-friendly. Next month, the local historic park – Ferrymead Heritage Park – is opening for a dog-friendly day – Bark in the Park. We can’t wait!

  5. Kita gets to go with me to Petco/Petsmart/Centinela Feed (all three allow on-leash dogs). Usually it’s the nearby Petco, where Kita is loved by the staff, and she feels as though it’s her second home (this was where we went for her training classes).

    One of the local restaurants allows dogs only on the patio, but we haven’t been there. Kita can’t go inside many places here in CA because she simply isn’t allowed to be inside.

    I used to be able to have her at the office, but our office is now much smaller.

    • Great, Kita gets to go to different places. I do hope and wish that as time goes by more businesses would allow us to take our dogs with us.

      • I’d like to take her to the dog park again, as she really does like it. However, someone told me that, if anything happened between my dog and another dog, my dog would be blamed because of her breed (Kita’s a pitbull–but she does like to roughhouse).

      • I’ve heard the same. My last 3 dogs were pit bull mixes and I did take the first two to a dog park for a while, but when I saw that some pet parents failed to pay attention to their dogs, I stopped and I haven’t returned. It would be a great environment if dogs are supervised, but that is not the case and I was not going to put my dogs in danger.

  6. I can go to the homedepot, dairy queen, bookstore, tractor supply, Drury Inn Momwithoutpaws did an article for the newspaper she writes for. It’s fun to go.

  7. Benji goes to order and collect my prescriptions from the chemist. He accompanies me to the bank. We go in our local furniture charity shop and helps to choose the furniture – making sure I get a good bargains!! Benji, in the house, over past few months, has helped the electrician to re-wire; plumber/gas man with new shower downstairs, toilet and sink upstairs, combi-boiler, smart meter and yesterday helped with the new carpets fitted throughout. Not bad for a 13 year old. Mary & Benji

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