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Abby Paying Her Bills In Person


Abby, “Mom, do I really have to pay my bills on time?”

Abby was pretty surprised when I told her that she needed to go in person and pay her water/sewage/garbage bill.  As you can see, she was so bothered by it that she was giving me the cold shoulder.  What a brat!  I wanted to be mad at her, but she looked so cute wearing that sweater that all I did was smile.


Abby, “Ok mom, let’s go home. I dropped off the check.”

And so Abby paid her utility bill, posed for this picture, and we headed back home.  Abby goes every where I am able to take her.  That’s the only way your canine companion can get used to different noises, people, cars, etc.  What places are you able to take your dog to?

Alex, My Almost 12-Year-Old Canine Companion

12soon1Alex is our second dog and she’ll be turning 12 on May 5th.  We got her when she was a little over 3 months old.  At that time, I never knew nor imaged how much she would change my life, but she did and I am glad and grateful for that.  Here are just a few of the positive changes Alex brought to my life:

  • Before Alex, fun to me was going out to the club and partying until it closed.  Nowadays, fun is staying at home watching a movie with Cynthia and Alex.
  • Temper – When I used to get mad, it was hard for me to cool off.  Alex is the only being that can get me within seconds from being angry to being calm.
  • Anger barometer – Alex can tell when I am getting angry even before I realize it myself.  She’d sit by me and look straight at my face until I look at her while her whole body shivers.  When Cynthia wants to know if I am angry, all she has to do is tell Alex to get close to me and that girl gives me up every single time.

12soon2Having a dog can change your life, like in my case, but please understand that this is also a big commitment.  When your dog stops being a cute puppy, and when you have to move, she is still your dog, and your responsibility for she is not something disposable, but rather a living, breathing being.  The amazing love and loyalty she gives you must and need to be reciprocated.

A Letter To “My” Departed Dozer

Let me start by saying that Dozer was not mine, but although my brain keeps telling my heart that, my stubborn heart will never be able to comprehend that, therefore I say that he is “my” Dozer.


My dear Dozer,

When I first met you, during a meet and greet, I was in awe of your size.  You, so far, are the biggest dog I’ve been fortunate and lucky enough to board, know, and love.  You were impressive, to say the least.  As I got to know you, I realized that what was more impressive than your size was the fact that you were sweet, loving, docile, and so easy to fall in love with.

Forgive me for not writing right away, but I was filled with anger and I did not think that that would have been the right time to write this letter to you.  Why angry?  Because you are gone, it is that simple.  While dwelling in my anger, I remembered reading somewhere that the reason why a dog happens to be in our lives is to teach us the many things we are unable to learn from other humans, and that a dog’s life is short because if it were to be long, we, humans, would not be able to cope with such a loss.  It actually made sense to me.

Before I had that epiphany, I was just sad, period.  At night, I could not stop thinking about you and so I started to cry.  Cynthia saw me and comforted me and told me the following:  “Dozer will be sorely missed, that is for sure,” then she said, “He farted when we were sitting at the table.  Didn’t you smell it?” I don’t know why, but for some odd reason I just laughed my butt off.  I truly needed that, but in all honesty, I did not smell your farts.  Thank you for that.

Cynthia, Alex and I are going to miss you dearly, and we hope the best to your pet parents while dealing with your loss.  I am not going to say good-bye to you, but rather I’ll see you later for I know we will see each other in the future.  Until then, a big hug and kiss from all of us.

Yours always,