Malibu Beach, Abby, & New Memories

malibu revisit1

Abby, “Yay.  I could go and explore, right?”

We enjoy going to Malibu beach because we see lots of pet parents with their furry kids walking around, people with kids, and so much more.  I want us to make new memories with Abby so I thought this was a good place to start.  Abby certainly seemed to enjoy it.

malibu revisit2

Abby, “Hello. Is anybody there?”

Being that she is part Beagle, it was funny to see her use her nose although on the above picture I am sure she was using mostly her eyes.

malibu revisit3

Abby, “Moms, I think Alex was right when she said that she saw a sea monster. I think I found one of my own.”

Abby was curious and wanted to explore everything including what she saw in the water.  But as curious as she was Abby didn’t leave our sight.

malibu revisit4

Abby, “Moms, I think I caught a fish for dinner tonight.”

We still miss Alex and there are times when Cynthia and I remember something funny she did and we start laughing and end up crying, but then we remember that we did have Alex for 13 amazing years and that little by little we’ll have to start making memories with our new furry kid.  Abby is a year old and there is so much for her to learn and enjoy so we’ll continue our journey with this feisty Beabull girl and make new memories.

10 responses to “Malibu Beach, Abby, & New Memories

  1. Our Frugal Escapades

    Abbey is adorable! So happy to hear that your new furry friend is bringing you an abundance of joy once again! 🙂 – Mrs. FE

  2. I’ve been gone a long time and am sorry to hear about Alex. I know too well the loss of a old dog. Hugs to you both and enjoy the new adventures with Abby!

  3. animalcureandcare

    Greetings and all the good wishes from india.. i am sure abby will do well with such an understanding owner(parent if u like to be called so)..
    love your site soo much info to absorb..thumbs up..

  4. creativecritters77

    Looks like a wonderful place to make some new memories! Enjoy every minute with Abbey ❤

  5. Here’s hoping you have oceans of happy beach days with your new fur-iend.

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