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Busy Week at Alex’s Place


This week has been pretty busy and we’ve had 2 new furry companions: Bear and Bingo.  Our first one is this handsome 2 1/2-year-old boy, Bear.  I think he might be the biggest dog we’ve taken care of so far.  Because of his size, he is quite impressive, but he is very affectionate and playful.


To give you an idea of how big Bear really is, I asked Cynthia to take a picture of his paw next to my hand.  Could you believe the size of his paw?


Our second new comer is a cute 14 year old lab named Bingo.  He is not playful, but he is an amazing dog.  He reminds me of my Alex a lot, therefore I’d have to say that my opinion is one that is not truly fair but rather biased.


Bear with a frequent visitor, Roxy.  She usually likes small male dogs, but for some odd reason she warmed up to Bear pretty fast.  Cute couple.

Even though this was a pretty busy week, I enjoyed it because I got to see how much dogs differ from one another, and I got to spend time with them.  I’d like to call them my peeps, but that is for humans.  What word could I use to call them my peeps?  What would you suggest?

Introducing Dieter, A Cute Vizsla


This is Dieter, a 2 1/2 year old Vizsla.  When he is in his bed, he looks smaller than Alex.  He was asleep, but woke up when he saw the flash.  I know, I know, I should have let him sleep, but he is too cute not to photograph.


Alex is so used to us taking pictures that not even the flash of the camera faces her anymore.  This is what they look like after our morning walk, relaxed and a little tired.


I guess Dieter lost interest in the flash from the camera so he is about to fall asleep.  In a couple of minutes, breakfast time.

Happy 11th Birthday Our Beautiful Alex


Alex turned 11 on May 5th, but because we had company we had to celebrate it on Monday.  In the morning, for breakfast, I made Alex some stir-fry which she inhaled mixed with her kibble.  In the afternoon, after she napped, we went to Petco and got some cupcakes, and a Nylabone.


Once we got home, Cynthia was trying to place Alex and the cupcakes properly for a picture, and since I am the worst photographer ever, as you can see when you see this picture, I just took picture after picture while Cynthia was sighing with desperation.


I don’t think Alex cared to pose for pictures so I sat next to her and the first thing she wanted to do, of course, was eat all the cupcakes.


We, then, agreed that Alex could be trusted with the cupcakes, although between you and me if we had turned our backs to her she’d probably would have eaten all of them, and so Cynthia took this picture.


For some reason, Alex found the lighter quite interesting as you can see by the way she is looking at it.  No, Alex, this lighter is not food.


We finished by taking a family portrait.  Alex’s torture was over, and she finally got to eat some cupcakes to her heart’s content.  Happy Birthday Alex!

Saturday Morning After Our Walk

satmorning1Right after we got back from our walk this morning, Alex, Gir, and Ellie, not featured in the above picture, decided to relax while Cynthia cooked us breakfast.  Alex and Gir love to sunbathe as you can see here.  Ellie, on the other hand, preferred to be away from the sun since she is a black Labrador.



Right after breakfast, I took all of them out on the deck to relax for a bit.  Ellie, being that this is her first time with us, was very curious about our deck and explored, sniffed, and looked at everything she found on it.  After that, she decided to act as a guard dog, although I told her that there was no need for this is a very quiet place, but she insisted and now I know why.

satmorning3Alex and Gir were about to take a nap and someone had to be on guard, right?  Let me rephrase that, Alex was asleep and Gir was on its way to dream land as well.


Alex decided to move to the shaded area to continue her nap while Ellie, being the only responsible one of the bunch, continued to guard our home.

satmorning5Where is Gir?  Falling asleep again.  No wonder Ellie had to be awake.  The weather was beautiful this Saturday morning so spending some time on the deck was quite enjoyable.  Once we came in, they got some water and each one found their place or bed and took a nap.

Walter Prefers To Hang Out Under The Table Rather Than His Bed

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be 6 weeks of Alex being on limited walks and a lot of bed rest.


Alex seems to be enjoying her bed rest.


Walter, on the other hand, decided that the best place for him to hang out and fall asleep is under the table.  I guess he does that because in the wild a den is where they go to sleep, raise a family and to avoid danger.  What is your dog’s favorite place(s)?

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon


Alex, enjoying a well deserved nap.  I envy her.  I have very sensitive ears and even though I am asleep I can hear almost everything that is going on around me.  But look at Alex.  She is out like a light.


Oliver, a Lhasa Apso, is our guard dog.  He is the first one to bark when he hears something going on around the house.


Walter, an Aussie, was the only one awake, but within 5 minutes he was also out like a light.  Enjoy this beautiful Sunday afternoon with your loved ones.

Walking In Annapolis, Maryland


On Saturday, we, Cynthia and I, Alex is still on bed rest, met Ann Greene, dog trainer, pet parents, and their fury kids in Annapolis, MD.  I was quite shocked because Cynthia is not a morning person, but she was more than willing to go with me and walk for an hour with these beautiful doggies.


All these dogs and pet parents have already worked with Ann and what she was doing is putting the dogs in an environment where there are a lot of distractions in order for them to get used to following commands even when there are a lot of things going on.


Ann got the kid holding the leash to walk these two big dogs without being dragged all over the place.


Cynthia was not able to take a picture of the entire group so she had to take two pictures.


Ann is a really nice and funny person and she has her own company called A Tail Above, LLC.


This is me talking with a pet parent.  I had a great time even though we got to Annapolis a little late.  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  I was surrounded by a bunch of doggies.  What a great Saturday.

Missy Award Nominated

Mandy,http://shoefulofdrool.com/ , was kind enough to nominate All My Canine Companions for the Missy Award.  Thanks from my pack to yours.

Three things are required of me, and that is to answer two questions and to link back to http://ivonnemontijo.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/the-missy-award/

The questions are:

What inspires me to write?  I write anytime I feel passionate about something, whatever it may be, and I need to vent.

Why do I love animals?  I love dogs above any other animal because when I am in the company of a dog, whether this dog is my Alex or any of the dogs staying with us, I feel happy, peaceful, and safe.  My first dog, Casey, taught me how to say, mi amor, my love, in Spanish.  This was something that I never thought I could ever say because to me, those two words in Spanish, have always had a tremendous amount of significance as well as a high degree of intimacy.  The first time I told Casey, “mi amor,” I had to make sure that those two words came out of my mouth.  Wow!  It was me.  He was my very first teacher.  How can I not love dogs?  They all, in one way or another, have taught me and continue to teach me so much about life, love, new beginnings, forgiveness, etc.

Thanks a million for the nomination.  Alex is getting a special treat tonight.

Do Dogs Watch TV?

Walter watching tv

Walter watching tv

Yes, some dogs do watch tv.  Today, Sunday, we were watching tv, The Little Rascals, and I could not believe that Walter was also watching tv with us.  He’d follow their movements and would bark when he saw something that, in my opinion, excited him.  Alex usually just sleeps and does not care for what’s going on on tv.



Can you see how attentive he is specially now that he can see a dog?



What was Alex doing?  Relaxing or I should say, just waking up from a nap.



Roxy decided that watching tv or napping was not for her, so she decided to look out the window and keep me informed about the comings and goings of our neighbors.  I told her not to worry because most of our neighbors happen to be military, ex-military or federal employees.  I don’t think I convinced her so she stayed by the window for a little while.


A little while later she seemed to be asking, “do I need to continue to stand guard?”  I told her to relax and let the neighbors be.

Walter and Roxy

Walter and Roxy

Watching tv and guarding our home certainly seemed to have taken a toll on both Walter and Roxy so they decided to take a break and take a nap.  What a hard life my canine companions have, don’t you think?  Does your dog watch tv like Walter?  Have a great week.

Walter – My Aussie Walking Partner


Well, since my girl, Alex, will be on bed rest for 2 months or longer, my walking partner for the next couple of days  is Walter.  As you can see, he was more interested looking at who knows what than posing for the camera.



I called his name, and when he turned my way I was able to take this picture.


We took a nice long walk, and stopped here and there to take pictures.  I like my neighborhood because there are a lot of places where I can walk with my canine companions and there are also some trails around the area.

walkngpartner4Walter, my model, decided that it was time to get going so I took the hint and we started to head home.  By the way, the work he provided as a model was not free, for he got paid with plenty of treats.

Walter. (wipes and brush)

Walter. (wipes and brush)

Once we got home, we went straight to the deck and I brushed him and wiped him off.  I do this right after our walk because I want to make sure that he is clean, but also because this gives me an opportunity to check his pads.  Regardless of the weather, you should always check your dog’s pads to make sure that they are in good condition.  Have a great week.