Walter Prefers To Hang Out Under The Table Rather Than His Bed

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be 6 weeks of Alex being on limited walks and a lot of bed rest.


Alex seems to be enjoying her bed rest.


Walter, on the other hand, decided that the best place for him to hang out and fall asleep is under the table.  I guess he does that because in the wild a den is where they go to sleep, raise a family and to avoid danger.  What is your dog’s favorite place(s)?

27 responses to “Walter Prefers To Hang Out Under The Table Rather Than His Bed

  1. heidi’s favorite place is ‘heidi pawza’ which consists of her house and polar bear. lexis, my golden, goes where ever I am at. she got a new ortho bed, but everyone seems to use it more than her. my foster loves the couch with a pillow, she always has to have some type of pillow, even if she has to make it out of a blanket. 🙂 thanks for visiting and following my blog, touch of home pet care.

  2. My boy also sleeps under the table, but what’s really cute is he loves to wiggle UNDER his grandmas couch. It’s less than a foot high and he sticks his face out to keep track of us. Luckily, he’s taking to his crate training for nap times quite nicely. He’s definitely a sleep in a den kind of guy ;-).

  3. I hog the right corner of the couch where it is most comfortable and has the best air flow and view of the TV. Mom calls it “Sheldon’s Seat” and I’m the dog version of “Sheldon” from BBT 🙂

  4. Each boy has his own place. Old Kosmo sticks to his bed, young Kooper loves the lazy boy chair and middle Merlee will wait for the hubs, then lay on the couch. Little spoiled are my dogs!

  5. Eko’s with Alex, he’ll take a comfy bed over the floor any day.

  6. Cooper loves right in my lap while watching t.v, and then on the bed all other times. Emma likes the lazy boy sofa. Do I spoil them or not?



  8. I have two big beach towels in my office floor that she loves to sleep on.

  9. Bless him – I hope he feels much better soon!

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