Introducing Dieter, A Cute Vizsla


This is Dieter, a 2 1/2 year old Vizsla.  When he is in his bed, he looks smaller than Alex.  He was asleep, but woke up when he saw the flash.  I know, I know, I should have let him sleep, but he is too cute not to photograph.


Alex is so used to us taking pictures that not even the flash of the camera faces her anymore.  This is what they look like after our morning walk, relaxed and a little tired.


I guess Dieter lost interest in the flash from the camera so he is about to fall asleep.  In a couple of minutes, breakfast time.

10 responses to “Introducing Dieter, A Cute Vizsla

  1. What are beautiful beautiful dog and it looks like it would be great for, a running or jogging companion. You know when you are jogging every morning and late afternoon.

  2. Vizslas are beautiful – Mom said they look like me with a different color.

  3. amediablogger

    These dogs are too cute. Thanks forfor sharing. Naughty you waking Dieter up with the flash 🙂

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