Charlie’s Behavior Rehabilitation And Training – Part II

Abby, yours truly, and Charlie (L to R)

Charlie has been with us for a little over 2 weeks and slowly, emphasis on slowly, he is gaining weight, and he is starting to learn manners. Yeah! But, I want to tell you that behavior modification takes time, patience, and lots of persistence. One thing I tell my clients that they need to master is walking their dog. At the beginning, Charlie was impossible to walk with Abby, but as days went by he surprised us by walking beautifully like in the above picture.

Charlie, “Mom, what are you doing?”

And then Charlie saw a deer, and guess what? He went airborne. Yes, you read it right. He is a big dog so I never thought that could be possible, but Charlie proved me wrong. It took a few minutes for him to relax, and when he finally did we continued our walk. Is this unusual? No. All our dogs did the same, until they got used to seeing other animals without having any reaction.

For those pet parents that are scratching their heads not knowing what to do with their dogs, let me tell you that your dog will learn at his/her own pace, and you need to remember that. Find a dog trainer that you and your dog are comfortable working with and enjoy the ride. Also, when you are fed up, please do not work with your dog. Take a deep breath, put your doggie in his crate, and have a glass of wine. Once you are relaxed, continue working with your dog. By relaxed I mean balanced not buzzed. Stay safe!

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  1. My two go bonkers over squirrels, can’t imagine how they’d react to a creature like a deer. 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      Charlie has a very high prey drive so I am working with him to get him used to animals, sounds, trees, yes trees, birds, etc. It takes time, but he’ll get there.

      1. Under your watchful trained eye, he’ll be just fine. 😊

      2. Marcela says:

        Thanks. Abby used to be my demo dog. I used her to show my clients what would happen if they did not get behavior and training done for their dogs. At that time, Abby was horrible. Time went by, and now I am able to use Abby as an example of a balanced dog. I will do the same with Charlie!

      3. Marcela says:

        Thanks! Let me tell you that Abby’s misbehavior scared more than a few pet parents and you know what? I got them as my clients. Go Abby!

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