Keeping Our Dogs, House, And Ourselves Clean


wp may 15 2020
Walter, Alex, and Dexter (Left to Right)

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic we are taking more precautions in order to stay safe, and that-of course-includes our dogs and home.  These are the things I’d recommend you do to keep your dogs clean:

  • Brush your dog’s hair (long and short-haired dogs) after a walk.  Always!
  • Wipe off your dog’s paws (get baby wipes from the Dollar Store) and check her pads for any foreign object in them
  • Change her bedding frequently (every couple of days or daily)
  • Brush her teeth before going to bed
wp may 15 20202
Nap time!

When it comes to our house, I dust, vacuum, and sweep often because as you pet parents well know, our doggies shed a lot.  What about yours truly?  I wash my hands constantly and I carry hand wipes with me always.  Keeping our dogs clean does not require a lot of money or time so let’s get in the habit of doing so in order to keep us all safe.  Take care.

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  1. Great advice. I carry wipes with me on our walks despite not allowing anyone to pet the dogs. Luckily mine don’t shed per se but clean bedding is a good idea anyway. Stay safe, stay strong and keep smiling.

  2. says:

    On my blog, I’ve just posted about the value of in-home services in the time of Covid-19.
    The USA still has a way to go before you are truly in control of the virus; consider in-home services when caring for your dogs.

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