Are Dog Owners Healthier People?

wp july 31 2018

Yes, I do believe that most, not all, dog owners are healthier people than those without dogs.  I remember a couple of years ago when my Alex was injured and unable to walk with me, I went out by myself to walk, and I still remember how boring it was.

wp july 31 20182

I never did it again.  What was the solution?  I started to offer dog walking as one of my services.  Regardless of your dog’s breed, go out and take him for a walk.  A dog will keep you active, and – this is the best part – he or she will surely enrich your life.

wp july 31 20183

If you don’t believe me, ask any pet parent about it, and they will be glad to talk your ear off, and show you an amazing amount of pictures of their fur babies.  For those without dogs, give it a try and foster a dog and see how much your life will change.

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  1. Dog walks in the early morning are the best time of day. It’s good for the pups as well as for me. Mentally and physically.

    1. Marcela says:

      I am totally with you!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Having a dog has made me get up and go for a walk most mornings, and I’ve been doing so since 2001 🙂 On the odd occasion that I didn’t have a dog with me, walking alone felt strange and I didn’t enjoy it as much.

    1. Marcela says:

      I am so glad that you feel the same way too! Keep it up!

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