Growing Pains And Abby


Abby, our 7 month old Beabull, is nothing like my Alex, but believe it or not I am glad they are so different because it gives me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a dog trainer.  Here are some things I’ve discovered about Abby:

  • Abby loves all dogs and people equally
  • Anything on the floor is fair game to her
  • She is food oriented
  • She sleeps through the night without a problem
  • She enjoys attention from anybody


I truly was not looking to get a puppy, but you know what?  I think a puppy was just what I needed.  I am taking Abby everywhere I can in order to get her used to different people and environments.  She used to be afraid of the following:

  • Trucks or vans that made a lot of noise
  • Dishes – when I was clumsy and dropped them
  • Stairs – she’d whine every step of the way, literally
  • Black cars – some of them, not all

We are working on all the things that make Abby fearful and so far so good.  Avoiding the things she is afraid of will never give her the opportunity to be calm and relaxed.


Abby is hesitant to approach new things, most puppies are, and when that happens I encourage her to do it by pointing, touching, and/or using treats.  She is food motivated so that’s a plus.  We’ll be exploring new areas as times goes by.


Abby gets plenty of exercise, but I noticed something very interesting the other day.  We took her to Petco and when we got home she was exhausted.  Then I remembered that smelling a new place, for dogs, is learning so mentally she was tired.

Regardless of whether you have a puppy or senior dog, make sure that you fulfill your canine companion physical and mental needs.  Enjoy your weekend and go out and explore your neighborhood.

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  1. Abby I ‘m with you… I’m food-oriented too and some loud cars scare me… specially trailers…

    1. Marcela says:

      Abby is glad she has you for company:-)

  2. She is one great looking pup! I can see how you’re enjoying time with her. 😉

    1. Marcela says:

      Yes, enjoying and learning:-)

  3. I agree with your last pragraph. benji is 12 and have had him almost a year. So different from Spotty. He cuddles me in bed, we walk together at each others speed, loves to be smelling on his walks, he barks when someone comes up the path and to the door,he’s friendly. Being an elderly he sleeps a lot as he does now covered by his blanket. We’ve bonded. Abby sounds great fun. I’m sure you are going to have many happy years with her.

    1. Marcela says:

      Your Benji is 12? There is just something so sweet and special about senior dogs. I learned that when I had my Alex, 13 years old, and that is why I was planning on adopting a senior dog, but then Abby came into our lives. Yes, I hope Abby has many, many healthy and wonderful years with us:-)

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