Out And About in Seaport District, Boston, MA

Harlow, "I think we should eat here."
Harlow, “I think we should eat here.”

One of the things I recommend pet parents to do with their canine companions is go out and explore different areas in order to acclimate their dog/puppy to a variety of environments.  I trained Harlow a couple of weeks ago, Level II Basic Training and Behavior, so every time she stays with us she brushes up on what she learned and we go out to practice in the real world.

Harlow, " I think we are lost."
Harlow, ” I think we are lost.”

My sense of direction is so bad that even Harlow knew that we were lost.  No problem, we went and asked for help.

Harlow, "Help.  This human is showering me with hugs and kisses."
Harlow, “Help. This human is showering me with hugs and kisses.”

I recommend a lot of things to pet parents and one of them is to get their dogs used to being hugged.  Why?  Because being hugged is not something most dogs enjoy.  Harlow enjoys it as long as you give her a treat.

Harlow, "Am I getting paid to pose for this picture?"
Harlow, “Am I getting paid to pose for this picture?”

Harlow did wonderful during our outing.  She did get startled twice when someone dropped some dishes, we were walking by a restaurant, but she was getting used to the noises better than I expected.  You have to remember that Harlow is only 6 months old.

Harlow, "Wow!  Look at all the people here"
Harlow, “Wow! Look at all the people here”

Harlow was very curious seeing so many people around, but she was not nervous about it.  This is why training and behavior need to go hand in hand.  A balanced dog is a pleasure to have and to take out with you every time you get a chance.

Harlow, "Is that the menu for the restaurant we'll be eating at?  I am hungry."
Harlow, “Is that the menu for the restaurant we’ll be eating at? I am hungry.”

Expecting your dog to behave like a good canine citizen is really up to you.  Dogs are amazing teachers, but they need us to guide them and get them to be balanced.  Go out with your dog and enjoy the outdoors.

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  1. creativecritters77 says:

    We take our dogs with us most places we go and they’re very good. Dewey Dude, my 5 month old puppy, is great with people, kids, and animals (Ziggi, the 6 year old dog mostly ignores everyone and has a pretty calm disposition). We recently had a big party with lots of people, noise, food, etc., and I was amazed at how well behaved both dogs were. No jumping on people, no begging for (or stealing) food, and staying fairly calm in spite of the excited atmosphere. And the best thing was- everyone loved them! Well behaved, properly socialized dogs are truly a pleasure to be around 🙂 Oh, and Dewey Dude loves getting hugs- he’s a very affectionate pup ❤ Of course I've been giving him LOTS of cuddles ever since I adopted him at 2 months old 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      Wow! You certainly did your homework. I wish more pet parents did what you did, expose your canine companions to as many different environments as possible. Doing that results in having balanced dogs like your furry kids. Thanks for sharing:-)

      1. creativecritters77 says:

        After having pets all my life and seeing the results of unsocialized dogs (fear, aggression, stress) I learned what to do and what not to do. I’ve even helped rehabilitate a few abused dogs (2 that my mom rescued) to the point where they actually welcomed attention from strangers when we were out for our walks. That was certainly a great learning experience for me, as well as being very rewarding.

      2. Marcela says:

        Michelle, you did a wonderful thing by rehabilitating dogs. Yes, it is a great learning experience. Thanks for all you do for dogs.

  2. Harlow is a wonderful pup…and it was great to walk with you :o)

    1. Marcela says:

      Yes, she is. Same here:-)

  3. What a lovely pup! Most of my experiences with dogs and training them has been in a very rural family farm setting – so the hounds are well behaved around cattle, horses, and all sorts of machinery and wildlife, but the city is a challenge. Bostonians now, husband and I would adore to have a dog, but will have to make lots of time for a different kind of training when that time comes! 😉

    1. Marcela says:

      She is, thanks. I think the city and farm setting are both a challenge for dogs and the earlier you start your dog getting acclimated to new environments the better. Enjoy your weekend.

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