Staying In Maryland

staymd1The above cutie pie is staying with us this weekend.  She is very laid-back and although she is an only furry child, she does great with my dogs.  I’ve realized that just because some dogs have no other “siblings” it does not mean that they will be anti-social with other dogs.

staymd2After weighing all our options, we decided that it was best to stay in Maryland.  It took us a while to figure it out, but thanks to Alex and Bella we realized what was best for all of us.  Have a great weekend.

8 responses to “Staying In Maryland

  1. Equipping The Saints

    How many dogs do you own? The pictures that you show are very heart warming.

  2. Equipping The Saints

    I love your dogs.

      • Equipping The Saints

        While I was a child, I always had a dog. Many nights one would sleep with me. I’ve always had an idea that when I might meet a dog for the first time that, “they know who loves them.” Blessings to you and thanks for caring so nicely for some of God’s most precious of His creation.

  3. It’s great that “only dogs” are different than some “only childs”, I always wonder that Easy acts so great when he meets dogs. … seems dogs are really the better humans lol

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