Photographing Dogs: a Nightmare or Pleasure?

Handsome Walter
Handsome Walter

When I ask the following question: is it a nightmare or a pleasure to take pictures of your canine companions?  I get so many different responses from pet parents that I decided to add my own.  Handsome Walter, in the above picture, seemed to enjoy posing for this picture.


Dexter,unlike Walter, did not care to pose for the camera.  He had absolutely no interest in posing for me, so what did I do?  I took the picture anyway.

Alex, “Bella, smile for mom, please!” Bella, “I will smile when I see a treat, and I don’t see it. Do you?”

Yes, I have to bribe them in order to pose, but I forgot to get treats during this picture.  Look at Bella’s face.  Not happy.

Bella, "I refuse to look at the camera until I get a treat." Alex, "stop it.  You are going to get mom mad."
Bella, “I refuse to look at the camera until I get a treat.” Alex, “stop it. You are going to get mom mad.”

My unruly child, Bella, found something else much more interesting than posing for this picture.  What did I do?  I decided to complicate my life even more, and added one more dog to the mix, Dexter.

Bella, "Lol.  Mom is turning red."  Alex, "Stop it.  No picture equals no cookies." Dexter, "We'll get cookies.  She is turning red because she can't stop laughing."
Bella, “Lol. Mom is turning red.” Alex, “Stop it. No picture equals no cookies.” Dexter, “We’ll get cookies. She is turning red because she can’t stop laughing.”

Every time I take pictures of my dogs and those that stay with us I have a great time.  I laugh so hard because it is so difficult to get them to pose, but that process is what makes taking their picture so much fun.  Is your dog easy to photograph?

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  1. I love photographing my Nebby. I get about one good picture to 50 blurry ones, but that’s okay.

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. So do I with Alex. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Gobetween says:

    Nightmare, I have a black dog and it is difficult to get a picture where the coat and the eyes look right.

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. Really? I find it to be a combination of both.

  3. I love taking photos of my dogs and fosters, but with a sub-par [read: cheap] camera, it is one of the most frustrating things ever. Slow shutter speed is a PAIN, especially when the subjects are animals or fidgety kids!

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. I think, and this is just my opinion, that regardless of the camera you use trying to take a picture of dogs is difficult, funny, but so much fun.

  4. thestormie says:

    I love taking pictures of dogs, but I always manage to get a dog behind, or one-third of an ear . . . they are never still! It does make me laugh and I like photographing them anyway.

  5. You finally get Bella to smile and she has her eyes shut! Happens to me all the time!

  6. stanze says:

    A pleasure, even though they move too much and Rudi is just not photogenic.

  7. I love the pictures. Your canine kids are adorable. Some of my kids will let me take a pic but one of them turns and runs. But I used to have a boy that always wanted his collar on and he would smile for the camera.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. One would run away from you? Ok., now I don’t feel bad since my kids just sit and impatiently wait for me to take their pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  8. paws2smile says:

    Storm is difficult to photograph, she absolutely hates it. She will keep looking the opposite way even if I move spots. She is such a brat! Haha! The only way I can get a decent shot is if I also have treats. 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      Bribery: it works, most of the time:-) Yes, there are some dogs that just don’t care to be photographed.

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