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Staying In Maryland

staymd1The above cutie pie is staying with us this weekend.  She is very laid-back and although she is an only furry child, she does great with my dogs.  I’ve realized that just because some dogs have no other “siblings” it does not mean that they will be anti-social with other dogs.

staymd2After weighing all our options, we decided that it was best to stay in Maryland.  It took us a while to figure it out, but thanks to Alex and Bella we realized what was best for all of us.  Have a great weekend.

Happy Hump Day

Bella, Alex, and Dexter (L - R) Alex and Dexter to Bella, "Wow!  Something smells delicious."

Bella, Alex, and Dexter (L – R) Alex and Dexter to Bella, “Wow! Something smells delicious.”

I had no idea what Alex and Dexter were smelling, but Bella was certainly not using her cute little nose.

Alex, "I'd love to eat whatever is that that smells amazing.  Bella, "I still can't smell anything."

Alex, “I’d love to eat whatever is that that smells amazing. Bella, “I still can’t smell anything.”

On Bella’s defense, she supposedly is part bull dog and they have a hard time using their nose.

Bella, "Oh, ok., now I can smell it."

Bella, “Oh, ok., now I can smell it.”

I wanted to lighten up the mood a little bit since my last post, See You Bailey, made a few people cry, and that was not my intention, but a million thanks to those that took the time to read it and empathize with we.  Happy Hump Day!

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

part21We took Bella to the vet yesterday, Wednesday, and I could not believe what the vet told us.  Bella had a small thin stick running from one side of her mouth to the other one that measured about 3 to 4 inches long.  The only part we were able to see were the black holes on her gums, but once she was sedated they found that a stick was pushing her teeth out-of-place.  After we picked Bella up from the vet, we passed by BARCS to pick up her meds and then we headed back home.  You’d think she’d be a little mellow, but boy she was still full of energy, but for that evening she was fed and kept apart from Alex and Walter as recommended by the vet tech.

part22I can’t stress enough how important brushing and checking your dog’s teeth and gums happen to be so please pet parents be diligent about your furry kid’s oral health.  I am not a dental hygienist like Cynthia, but a stinky mouth in a dog is never a good thing.  If you have questions, please ask your vet for advice and take your canine companion for a check up to make sure everything is fine.

Guard Dogs Sleeping On The Job?

After our morning walk, Alex, a pit bull/Dogo Argentine mix, and Dexter, a boxer mix, were brushed and wiped, and because the weather was so nice we stayed hanging out on the deck for a little while.


I like to brush them and wipe them after our walk not only because I like my house and dogs clean, but also because it relaxes them as you can see in the above picture.  If they were guard dogs, check out Alex already asleep, my girl would have been the first one to be fired.  But, they are not guard dogs, but rather part of our family and for many of us our canine children.


I did have high hopes for Dexter since he was the only one awake, but within minutes, though honestly speaking I think it was seconds, he was out like a light just like my girl, Alex.  These two beautiful specimens are the perfect example of what guard dogs should not be doing: sleeping on the job.


Our Canine Christmas Eve Guests

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Jupiter, a good-looking boxer is staying with us for a couple of days and he was kind enough to pose for some of these pictures.  All of them, Alex, Jupiter, and Roxy, of course, did this because we promised to … Continue reading

Come On Kids, The Canine Kind, Let’s Barbecue

Yes, let’s barbecue in November.  This time Cynthia had two, Alex and Sienna, sous chefs in tow, therefore, thank God, she did not need me.


Are we going to bbq or not?

Boy, these kids have not patience at all.

Are you ready? Yes

Cynthia with her two sous chefs, Alex and Sienna

Wow!  Finally.  Why do they take so long to cook?

I don’t know, but I think I’ll stay close to mom. I don’t trust Sienna yet.

Sienna has an innocent look that Alex is just not buying.

I think we should both guard the food.

At least this time, they did pose for this picture.


Since the sous chefs helped Cynthia so much, I think they deserve a nap.

We never thought cooking was so exhausting. Good night.

We had a delicious meal paired up with an equally delicious wine, and as you can see the kids, Alex and Sienna, are pretty tired after helping so much.  After our meal, we all went out for a nice long walk to help digest all that food we ate.  Try to include your canine companions in the things you do to make that time more enjoyable and fun.