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Roxy, My Little Shadow

Roxy, a beautiful Pomeranian, is staying with us this weekend.  To say that she is my little shadow would be an understatement.  Remember Frasier, the TV show?  Frasier was living with his father, Martin, and his father’s dog, Eddie.  For some odd, crazy reason Eddie was fascinated with Frasier and would stare at him for long periods of time.  Well, Roxy also does that.  Sometimes she just sits close to me and stares at me.  I wonder, just like Frasier did, do I look like a giant kibble?

Roxy, "where are you going?"

Roxy, “where are you going?”

Can you see the leash?  The last time she was here, I had to go and run some errands so she stayed with Cynthia and Alex at home and we had to put a leash on her so she would not bolt out the door after me.  Cynthia took this picture.


According to Cynthia, Roxy stayed waiting for me for a while on this spot.  When I got back home she greeted me with her usual barking, running around me, and jumping.  I had to laugh because she is so tiny and adorable.  What a wonderful welcome I received from Roxy.

Staycation With My Pack


Well, our staycation started on Tuesday of this week and will be ending today, Thursday, and I’ll be honest with you when I say that Alex really enjoyed and milked it for all it was worth.  We took very short walks since Alex is not allowed to walk very long, I did some reading and writing and enjoyed some naps here and there.  I can’t complain.


But then, I thought about it a little longer and I remembered that Alex was allowed to sleep on the couch while I watched a movie, treat in hand, of course because God forbid I forget her treat.  If I were to forget, she’ll look at me with those beautiful brown eyes until I get up to get it.  I do forget sometimes, but my daughter is quite good at reminding me about different things specially treats.  Alex was walked, brushed, wiped, and pampered.  Uh!  I think it was Alex’s staycation and not mine.


I think she knew what I was thinking and so she decided to make herself all angelic looking.  Did it work?  Yes, it always does.

My Original Pack


We’ve had different dogs for the past 5 weeks stay with us without a break, and during that time Alex had to share her two moms with all of them.  Something very funny, ok., I found it funny you probably will not, was that once Walter left, she right away came to me and looked at the couch.  Translation: “mom, can I sleep on the couch now that we have no dogs except for me?”  I told her that I’d pamper her in the evening because I had some work to do.  She went back to her bed not too happy, I might add.


Yes, you are probably thinking, “not fair.”  I told Alex that I’d spend more time with her the next couple of days that is just us, my original pack, and that she’ll get some extra treats.  I think that face says it all, don’t you?

Snowing On A Monday Morning



Could you believe that I took this picture last Saturday while walking with Walter?


Today, Monday, certainly looks completely different from last Saturday.  Does Walter look concern about it?  Not really.

snow3This is my backyard.  The same backyard where Cynthia, a couple of days ago, BBQ.  Isn’t it supposed to be Spring now?  No, I am not complaining, but rather wondering about this crazy weather.

snow4Years ago, I used to dread anytime the weatherman said we had snow coming.  On my defense, I’d like to point out that for the first 15 years of my life I lived mostly in a tropical climate, close to the beach, and snow was nothing more to me than some pretty pictures on a book.  Now, I actually appreciate every season of the year.  Why?  My girlfriend, Cynthia, and dogs have taught me to be appreciative of what each season brings to us.

snow5Look at Alex.  No care in the world.  Just watching us specially when she hears that we open one of her bags full of treats.

snow6Walter, another perfect specimen, of what relaxation should look like.  I think the Greek philosopher, Diogenes, had the right idea.  He believed that happiness was achieved by returning to nature, and what better way to keep in touch with nature than living with dogs.

Hanging Out With My Pack

Alex, Cynthia, and Walter (from left to right)

Alex, Cynthia, and Walter (from left to right)

This is my pack for this weekend.  Alex can walk around the house, as long as she does not run, and go outside to do her business for no longer than 15 minutes.  Cynthia is busy with school, therefore Walter is my constant and fun walking companion.

fri2Cynthia is very affectionate, and Alex already knows, or should I say, puts up with all the hugging and kissing that Cynthia bestows on her and Walter.

Walter and Alex

Walter and Alex

I am hoping that this weekend is really nice so I can take some pictures outside and explore our neighborhood a little more.  Enjoy your weekend.

Walter is Back!



Walter came back on Monday to stay with us for a couple of days and although the day started very cloudy by late morning the sun was coming out and it turned out to be a wonderful day.  So, what did we do?  Ok. let me rephrase that, what did Cynthia do?  She decided to BBQ for us.


Cynthia marinated these stakes for two days, and they tasted so good.

Walterbck3I don’t know what exactly she put on those veggies, but they were very tasty.

Walter and Alex

Walter and Alex

I left the door open so we can all go in and out of the house.  No, they do not have leashes or collars, but my deck is on the second level and gated.  Alex was out before Walter made up his mind and made her company.

Walter and Alex

Walter and Alex

Walter stayed for a couple of minutes and then went back inside.  Dogs with long dark hair tend to get hot very easy, therefore be careful with your dog specially during summer.

This amazing meal was all thanks to Cynthia.  She is one amazing cook and I am lucky to have her as my partner.

Josie Is Going Home Today

Josie is usually very energetic, loves, loves our walks and to say that she is a bundle of energy certainly does not do her justice, but that is all that comes to mind now.  When I walk with her is usually for an hour or longer and she enjoys our walks, but this time that she stayed with us is the first time that I’ve seen that she prefers shorter walks and she does not seem to be her usual self.



She does not seem to be in any pain for I brush her every day and she does not exhibit any signs of being in pain.  She eats all her food and treats and her #2 is normal.  Yes, I look at her #2 to make sure that she is fine.  I know, I know, I am gross.  Anyway, I’ll talk to her mom today when she picks her up so she can take her to the vet.  Why?  Her energy level went from 100% to 50% in a matter of a month or two.  I don’t think that is normal.

If you have a dog walker or a pet sitter you take your dog to, she should be able to notice different things and/or changes in your dog.  I always talk to pet parents for a couple of minutes the day they pick up not only to let them know how their “furry kid” did while staying with us, but also because if I notice anything unusual on their doggie I’d like to let them know so they can follow-up with their vet.

At least once a week, take a close look at your dog and you’ll be surprised how easy you can spot changes on your furry kid.  They rely on us, and we need to be vigilant and proactive in order to nip any problem in the bud, don’t you think?