Walter, a Handsome Australian Shepherd

Today, Tuesday, we had Walter, an Australian Shepherd stay with us for two days.  I always do research on the dog’s breed that stay with me to better understand the dog and to be honest Walter is a typical Australian Shepherd.

Alex, Walter and Sienna (from left to right)

Alex, Walter and Sienna (from left to right)

This is what I found out about Walter’s breed: highly energetic, but sometimes can be easy-going, may show guarding behaviors, intelligent, learns quickly, enjoys working, often called velcro-dogs for their intense desire to be close to their owners, barks mostly as a warning, but not inclined to obsessive barking.

Handsome Walter

Handsome Walter

Now the description of Walter is very accurate, but you also have to remember that training and patience also make his traits shine.  His mom took him for a few courses in obedience and even one to learn tricks.  In other words, she took the time to train Walter and I could tell he was trained by the way he behaved on our first meeting.  He was a little excited, which is normal, but he listened to his mom.

Walter, posing for this picture.

Walter, posing for this picture.

Regardless of your dog’s breed, at the very least, either take an Obedience Class with your dog or hire a dog trainer to help you bring out the best in your dog.  I took 3 classes with Casey, my first dog, Obedience I, Obedience II, and Canine Good Citizen.  And one class with Alex, Obedience I.  Now if money is a little tight, you can always go to the library and get books about dog training that may be helpful to you and your dog.  Look at it this way, and I am saying this from experience, living with a dog that at a minimum has basic obedience is a pleasure rather than living with one unruly dog that in the end might end up in a shelter.  Enjoy your dog and you can start training him with treats.  They all love treats.

6 responses to “Walter, a Handsome Australian Shepherd

  1. Walter is quite handsome! I should have done more with Dudley when I first got him to socialize him with other dogs, but he was housebroken and would sit and lie down on command. He doesn’t always listen to me if it doesn’t suit his interests, but I have to admit, he’s trained me well, he snorts and up I jump to get him a carrot LOL! Zoe loved everyone, human and animal alike!

    • Lol. Thanks for the compliment for Walter. I’ll let him know:) It’s never too late to start socializing Dudley, just make sure that the other dog is not aggressive otherwise he’ll have a bad experience and the next time the one that will be afraid and therefore aggressive will be Dudley and you don’t want that. When I introduce dogs to one another, I pay attention to their body language. Good luck:)

  2. Walter is gorgeous! Training your dogs makes your and their lives so much easier and more enjoyable.

  3. Australian Shepherds are so handsome! And you’re right, they are extremely smart. Almost as if they know English sometimes! xo

    • Lol. I do agree with you and in Walter’s case I’d venture to say that he knows English and Spanish since I use both languages to communicate with him. He is adorable and very, very smart. He looks very closely at your body language and even before I say anything he knows what I am going to ask him. Go Walter!

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