Yes, Dogs Also Get Cold

My girl, Alex, and Sienna, both seem to get cold very easy.  Whenever they are cold, they look directly at me or Cynthia as if to say, “I am cold”, and this is our cue for us to bundle up both of them.

Sienna wrapped in a blanket

Sienna wrapped in a blanket

Sienna loves when we wrap her in a blanket.  If you decide to do this with your dog, make sure not to wrap her too tight.

Sienna, wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito?

Sienna, wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito?

Burrito?  Now I am getting hungry.

Sienna asleep

Sienna asleep

I guess Sienna got tired of posing and decided to take a nap.

Sienna and Alex

Sienna and Alex

What I’ve noticed with dogs is that those dogs that have very short hair like Sienna and Alex do tend to get cold very easy.  People without pets usually ask, “Why make a dog wear a sweater?  They don’t get cold”.  That is not true, specially for those dogs with short hair like my two girls on the above picture.  If your dog is shivering, and you are outside with her on a cold day, believe me, chances are that she is really cold, not just cold.  A lot of dogs do not like to wear sweaters, like my Alex, but I make her wear it anyway because the minute we stop walking she shivers a lot.  Take your dog for a walk, but make sure you outfit her properly during this time of the year.

21 responses to “Yes, Dogs Also Get Cold

  1. :LOL – my dog hates sweaters but loves blankets. She got a new one all for herself this holiday – it looks like she is in a spa. Chihuahuas [short coat version] seem to have very little fur especially on the underbelly and legs. My Doberman [many years past] would not go out in cold weather without her coat[s]- not even to pee. Lovely photos of your dogs. All the best in 2013.

    • Lol. Yes, all dogs are different. Some, like Alex, hate coats while others actually like to wear them. Your Doberman was a smart dog, although wanting a coat just to go pee is really funny, if I say so myself:) The best to you and your family for 2013 as well.

  2. Zoe never seemed too cold when we walked in the winter, but we live in NC. Sometimes at night when she was curled up on the bed, I’d toss a sheet over her and she’d leave it there all night. Dudley, well he has a double fur coat and loves the cold. I think with the arthritis, he might want a blanket on his hips, but he walks away from it. Cute pics of the girls!

    • Thanks. My cousins live in NC and they both tell me that the weather is really nice during Winter season. Yes, dogs with a double coat usually love the cold weather. Dudley probably is just hot and maybe that is why he walks away from the blanket:)

  3. Thanks for this post… I need a coat too for very cold days – but this people on the street are laughing about me and say : such a large dog needs no coat…hmmmm since when is the size important if someone is cold or not ?

  4. They’ve got you well trained!

  5. Snug as bugs in rugs eh?

  6. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Perhaps I should purchase a poncho for my pooch?

  7. Eko is exactly the same – his short hair is perfect for the blazing heat, but doesn’t do so well in frigid temps. A warm coat and a nice blanket are a short-haired dog’s best friend. Eko is quite a large burrito.

  8. I adore your photos, they always make my day. I have a 100 pound, chubby Lab right now laying on a beach towel in my office. It’s unusually cold where I live and she wasn’t about to stay outside today, so she is asleep in my office.

  9. Our greyhounds have been in PJs for the past 24hours. And that’s just indoors. Outside they have a coat added. It’s been very cold here and our heating has been slow to catch up. If you are feeling the cold, yours hounds will be too.

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