Roxy, A Beautiful Pomeranian

Roxy stayed with us this past weekend and Cynthia did her best to take pictures of them, but as many of you pet parents know many times our subjects are not very cooperative.

Roxy falling asleep

Roxy falling asleep

Sienna about to fall asleep

Sienna about to fall asleep

The above two pictures is a perfect example of what happens after a nice long walk and feeding.  No cooperation from these canine kids.

Sienna n Roxy3

Do you know how I got them to look awake and alert?  I showed them a treat and that helped.  Yes, I know I had to bribe them, but I wanted to take a picture of both of them.

Sienna aka Super Girl

Sienna aka Super Girl

8 responses to “Roxy, A Beautiful Pomeranian

  1. Love the Super Girl photo but yes, generally bribery is the only way to get decent pictures. Works well with animals and kids 😀

  2. Aw I always feel like falling asleep when I`ve been fed – mmmm haven`t thought about having a treat handy – might work eh?

  3. indeed- she is a beautiful pomeranian ;o) … and the supergirl Sienna is just CUTE ;o)

  4. oh, we know only too well! Bribery works every time!

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