Walking Around Our Neighborhood

Today, Saturday, is a beautiful and sunny day so rather than taking a long walk in the evening like I usually do, I decided to walk in the early afternoon with Alex and Marka and enjoy the weather.


Alex and Marka

Alex and Marka on our deck

This is right before I cleaned them a little bit: hair brushing and paw cleaning with wipes.  I like to do this on my deck, but if I cannot I’d do a fast cleaning before entering our house.

Alex and Marka after our walk and grooming

I usually walk around 40 minutes, but when the day is as beautiful as today I walk a little longer.  Are they tired?  You bet.  They both drank some water after our walk and went straight to bed.  Well, Alex went to bed, Marka only posed for the photos I took, after that she decided that sleeping by my feet would be more comfortable than her bed.  Go figure! Have a great weekend and enjoy your canine companions.




8 responses to “Walking Around Our Neighborhood

  1. My dogs are tiny so they drink less water. Dianne

  2. OOh! I love puppy slippers. Softest warmest in the house!

  3. Dudley drinks about half a bowl of water before we walk, so he has the ammo to mark his territory. He also guzzles water when we come home, sometimes he drinks so fast he chokes a little. I have enjoyed my canine companion very much this weekend!

    • I am glad you enjoyed your canine companion this weekend and so have I:) Alex usually drinks a lot of water,half a cup, once we come back from our walk, but rarely prior to it. Maybe because she is a girl, you think?

  4. haha I have the same ritual, first a bucket of water (or two) and than an fabulous nap on my bed :o)

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