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Sunday Morning – Alex And Walter



Well, Alex will be taking a long break from walking, running, and playing for about 2 months or longer.  It depends on how well her front right paw heals.  The vet advised me not to rush it, but rather let it heal with time and minimal activity.  These 10 days, vet recommended for Alex to only get on her “paws” when she needs to eat/drink and do #1 and #2.  Other than that, she needs to stay in bed.  Poor my girl.  After the 10 days are over, she can walk around the house and take a very short walk, and then back to bed to rest.  So far so good since Alex seems to be enjoying staying in bed sleeping.



Walter, an Australian Shepherd or Aussie, is now my walking partner since Alex will not be able to accompany me for a while.  He gets really excited every time he knows that we are going for a walk and I try to take different routes so he does not get bored going to the same place over and over again.

Sunday3Look at that face:)  Walter’s parents brought a bone for him to chew on, but the one he likes is the one he is holding in the picture.  Why?  Who knows.  Also, he has a nice big comfortable bed, but during the day he loves to stay right under the dining room table, where picture was taken, or next to me wherever I am at that particular time.

Walking Around Our Neighborhood

Today, Saturday, is a beautiful and sunny day so rather than taking a long walk in the evening like I usually do, I decided to walk in the early afternoon with Alex and Marka and enjoy the weather.


Alex and Marka

Alex and Marka on our deck

This is right before I cleaned them a little bit: hair brushing and paw cleaning with wipes.  I like to do this on my deck, but if I cannot I’d do a fast cleaning before entering our house.

Alex and Marka after our walk and grooming

I usually walk around 40 minutes, but when the day is as beautiful as today I walk a little longer.  Are they tired?  You bet.  They both drank some water after our walk and went straight to bed.  Well, Alex went to bed, Marka only posed for the photos I took, after that she decided that sleeping by my feet would be more comfortable than her bed.  Go figure! Have a great weekend and enjoy your canine companions.