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Kitchen: Most Popular Room In Our House


Champagne, “Could I help?”

One thing I’ve realized, and many of you probably would agree with me, is that the kitchen is the most popular and used room in a house.  All of Abby’s friends love to hang out in the kitchen specially when Cynthia is cooking.


Champagne, “I am so tired.”

After Champagne helped Cynthia prepare a delicious meal, she was very tired so she took a nap.  She is probably dreaming about food.


Champagne, “What? Time to eat? Yay!”

How interesting, and funny, that once it was time to eat the above beautiful girl woke up right away.  I think that both, dogs and humans, enjoy hanging out in the kitchen.  What room is the most popular/used in your house?

Kitchen Help Wanted

kitchen help1

Roxie and Abby, “Could we help you get lunch ready?”

For those of us that have furry kids, preparing a meal – heck, even making a sandwich- feels like someone put up a sign that says, “Kitchen help wanted,” and our canine companions never fail to answer such ad.  Look at the attention they are paying Cynthia.

kitchen help2

Abby, “Mom left the food unattended. Not to worry, I’ll guard it closely. Roxie, “I’ll make sure nobody goes beyond this point.”

Cynthia moved to get something from the fridge, and her two helpers quickly moved into place to “guard” our food.  Abby seems to be the more serious out of the two, don’t you think?

kitchen help3

Abby to Roxie, “Let me help you. I think you have a little bit of food around this side of your face. Why do you have to be so tall?”

I don’t know, but perhaps Roxie started to smell like something Cynthia was cooking because Abby took a lot of interest in Roxie’s face and ear.  It’s always fun to see what our furry kids do when we are cooking.  They certainly make life more interesting.

Alex’s ACL Injury – 15 Months Later

alex3upIn November 2013, Alex injured her ACL and I was beyond scared.  So scared that I was ready to put her through surgery, but my better half, Cynthia, talked me out of it, and even today I am glad we made the right decision for Alex.  Please, bear in mind that neither Cynthia nor I are vets nor pretend to be one, but we made the best choice for our furry kid Alex, taking into consideration her age, recovery period, chances of getting full recovery, and expenses.

At the beginning, Alex wore the brace featured in the above picture all the time, except for bed time, of course.  She had tons of bed rest and this was easy to do because at the time of her injury she was already 11 years old so she loved to sleep.  This is not an easy task to accomplish if you have a young dog.

alex1upNowadays, Alex does not use her brace when she is at home anymore.  She wears it only when we go out and when we visit family.  Because of her ACL injury I changed a few things in order to help her heal and keep her free of pain.  Here are a few of the changes I made for her:

  • Walks – I try to get her out 2 to 3 times a day, when the weather is not too cold, for about 15-25
  • Diet – Alex eats 75% human food, 25% kibble
  • Bed – I got her an orthopedic bed
  • Sun bathing – Sunbathing, in moderation, is excellent for her injury
  • Heating pad – I put a heating pad on her during the evening.  This accomplishes two things: it keeps her warm; and it helps improve her mobility
  • Supplements – Omega 3 and Osteo-Pet total joint care

I cannot complain.  Alex is doing great and she is about to turn 13 years old in May 5th.  I still cannot believe it.  My girl is a tough little cookie.

Memorial Day 2014

Odenton, MD

Odenton, MD

When Alex, my 12-year-old pit mix, was not able to walk because of her ACL injury last November, I told myself, “I’ll walk by myself while I enjoy listening to some music for a change.”  Ha!  Do you know how many times I went out walking by myself?  Once.  Yes, once.  I hated it, and I was bored half to death.

Alex, Bella, and Walter (L to R).  The smiling human is your truly, Marcela

Alex, Bella, and Walter (L to R). The smiling human is your truly, Marcela

What saved me from boredom were the doggies that came to stay with us while Alex was recuperating from her injury.  Nowadays, Alex is doing better and she is able to walk with us, but not for too long.  I still have to be careful with her.  On this holiday, just like any other day, please remember to walk your dog.

Alex and Walter (L to R)

Alex and Walter (L to R)

And, make sure you add a little extra food if your walks are longer than usual.  Have a great Memorial Day from my pack to yours!

Nylabone Exchange


For her birthday, Alex got an off white Nylabone.


Walter’s parents brought a brand new white Nylabone.  I gave Alex her off white Nylabone and the white one to Walter, but they both looked at their respective bones, and then went for the one that did not belong to them.  Go figure!


Walter seemed delighted with Alex’s Nylabone so I just let them be.  Kids!  When you give your dog(s) anything to chew on make sure you are there to supervise that activity.

Nylabones For Dogs

Alex enjoying a Nylabone

Alex enjoying a Nylabone

My girl, Alex, loves to chew on nylabones.  I usually buy nylabones of different sizes and flavors and leave them all over the house so she and the dogs that stay with us can enjoy them.

Alex is a chewer and she’ll probably be like that for the rest of her life since she is already 10 1/2 years old.  My first dog, Casey, on the other hand only cared to chew on bones until he was about 3 years old.  It really depends on the dog.  Some are chewers and others are not.

Sienna with a Nylabone

Sienna with a Nylabone

Sienna, just like Alex, is a chewer.  She tends to favor the bones that are almost her size.

I like nylabones because they: help maintain teeth clean; drain some energy; and serve as another toy.

Right after our walk, Sienna loves to grab one of the bones and chew on it.  After she has done this for awhile she is out like a light.



Make sure that regardless of wether you get bones, toys, rawhide, etc., for your dog you supervise her to make sure you avoid any accidents that could lead to a visit to the vet.

Come On Kids, The Canine Kind, Let’s Barbecue

Yes, let’s barbecue in November.  This time Cynthia had two, Alex and Sienna, sous chefs in tow, therefore, thank God, she did not need me.


Are we going to bbq or not?

Boy, these kids have not patience at all.

Are you ready? Yes

Cynthia with her two sous chefs, Alex and Sienna

Wow!  Finally.  Why do they take so long to cook?

I don’t know, but I think I’ll stay close to mom. I don’t trust Sienna yet.

Sienna has an innocent look that Alex is just not buying.

I think we should both guard the food.

At least this time, they did pose for this picture.


Since the sous chefs helped Cynthia so much, I think they deserve a nap.

We never thought cooking was so exhausting. Good night.

We had a delicious meal paired up with an equally delicious wine, and as you can see the kids, Alex and Sienna, are pretty tired after helping so much.  After our meal, we all went out for a nice long walk to help digest all that food we ate.  Try to include your canine companions in the things you do to make that time more enjoyable and fun.