Are You Ready For Xmas?

Charlie and Abby, “Mom, is all that for us? Please say yes!”

I haven’t met anybody that has said that they are ready for Xmas. Have you? I’d venture to say that most of us are concern about food, traveling, our dogs, presents, etc., but that’s fine. Just remember that although holidays tend to be a bit stressful, if you take sometime for yourself, you just might enjoy getting together with your family. Yes, even that aunt, uncle, cousin, etc., that drives you up the wall. Merry Xmas to all of you! Stay safe.

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  1. The only person I know who ever has been ready for Christmas is my one sister. And it irks me every year as I’m dashing about like a crazy person. This year I took a different approach. For the most part I’m letting it go on without me. 😉 Very best season’s greetings. 🎄

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. I thought you were going to brag about your sister’s way of dealing with the holidays. I had a good laugh. Thanks. Enjoy your holiday season.

      1. I no longer want to smack her-I just roll my eyes. 😇

      2. Marcela says:

        Lol. You are so funny!

      3. 😇 Not sure my sis appreciates my humor but I try.

      4. Marcela says:

        She might not, but look at it this way: you do make other people, me for instance, laugh like someone tickled me! Happy Holidays!

      5. Excellent! I’ll remind her of just that when I talk to her this afternoon. We hope you guys have a cozy Christmas-stay warm!

      6. Marcela says:

        Please do. Enjoy your Christmas and thanks.

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