How To Keep Your Dogs Warm During Winter

A blast from the past. Dexter sleeping like a baby.

There are a few things I recommend, you probably have more, pet parents to do and use in order to keep their doggies nice and warm such as: bed, blanket, sweater, jacket, pajamas etc.

I look at it this way; if I am cold so is my dog. What do you do keep your canine companion warm during Winter? I’d love to hear from you. Stay safe.

4 responses to “How To Keep Your Dogs Warm During Winter

  1. Aww, how precious Dexter is! The rule around the Ranch is if it’s 20 or below, we’ll wait until it gets warmer for a walk and add a jacket. It was 10 this morning with the windchill making it feel like 3 so our morning constitution will be delayed until it warms up. Elsa is bummed because she loves the snow but Norman is happy to lounge until it gets warmer today, expected in an hour or so. Stay warm!

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