Finding Happiness In Simplicity

wp april 25 20202

Abby, “I love taking car rides with my moms!”

Lately watching the news is scary and depressing-to say the least-but then I take a look at Abby finding happiness in simple things such as: walking, taking a ride in the car, eating, etc., and all I feel is a great sense of gratitude.

wp april 25 2020

Abby, “I smell food.  Mom, do you smell it too?”

Dogs are great teachers, and for me they are an integral part of my life.  They make me take a look at what really matters and not worry about things that are out of my control.  What does your dog bring to your life?

11 responses to “Finding Happiness In Simplicity

  1. creativecritters77

    Don’t know what I’d do without my dog- he brings a smile to my face every day, no matter what else is going on 🙂

    • Me either. Today, I found myself getting bother about something, don’t even remember what it was, and Abby looked at me a bit concerned as if asking me, “Mom, what’s wrong?” After looking at her face, I let that negative feeling go away. Amazing!

  2. I have learned much from my dogs (all rescues across time) about boundaries, unconditional positive regard, and teaching my college students. My youngest is a black lab mix (the ubiquitous dog in Mississippi) named Abby. She says hello to your Abby.

  3. My dogs have quite literally saved our lives more than once. Last month my husband collapsed int he middle of the night with a stroke. My dog picked up something was wrong and woke me. I called an ambulance. Thanks to my dog’s timely warning my husband got props treatment and has recovered almost completely.

    • Wow! I am so glad your husband has recovered almost completely. Yes, I am still amazed at the things they are able to know or sense about us humans. I wish you, your husband, furry kids and family health and many years ahead of you>

  4. Their ‘live-in-the-moment’ mantra is particularly appealing these days. I definitely need to act more like my dogs!

    • Totally! That is the hardest thing to do for us humans, but looking at dogs really put things in a different perspective. So glad we have them in our lives!

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