Fall 2018 And Your Canine Companions

wp oct 9 2018

The above picture of Champagne is exactly how I felt this past Summer: hot, bothered, and anxiously waiting for better weather.  And you know what?  My wish came true and here’s Fall!  We’ve had rain and a lot of cloudy days lately here in Stoughton, MA but I can’t complain about the weather because it’s been very pleasant with a few sunny days.

wp oct 9 20182

So, what’s Abby been up to?  She’s been taking her usual walks – no longer very early in the morning – and lots of sleeping in her comfortable and warm bed.  What a hard life my girl has, right?  Anyway, enjoy this weather and don’t forget to walk your doggies.

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  1. We’re delighted summer has finally decided to go away. 31 glorious degrees this morning! Woo-hoo. It’s easy to add layers to stay adequately warm.

    1. Marcela says:

      This year Summer just doesn’t want to go away. Today, Wednesday, in Stoughton, MA we had 88 degrees, sunny and humid. I did enjoy the morning, but after 1pm, I was done!

      1. I know what you mean. It was 90 here a few days ago. Stay cool. With Hurricane Michael, I’m sure there will be some cooling off with showers up the coast-how far it get remains to be seen.

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