Spring is Coming – 2015

spring151Do you know how Alex is going to welcome Spring?  She will start by taking frequent naps specially when we go out sightseeing and/or shopping.  She has to have her beauty sleep.

spring152Alex’s naps will be followed by walks throughout the day.  She is a senior, almost 13 years old, and as such it is very important that she keeps her mobility, therefore exercise within reason is essential.

spring153Aside from naps and walks, Alex will also be working on some training.  She enjoys it as long as the reward is food so that is easily accomplished.  How will you and your furry kids be welcoming Spring?

11 responses to “Spring is Coming – 2015

  1. I love the mark on Alex’s back – it almost looks like a paw print!

  2. Sabbath is in spring training. The long winter months have left her with a little padding on her ribs. She tires a little faster at the dog park, not giving the ball as freely in order to take a break in between throws. She checks the lake frequently to see if it is ready for a swim. She can’t wait. She is also tracking in as much mud as possible from the back yard, and we are mopping a little more often.

  3. It seems that all my friends living on the other half of our earth are welcoming spring again. Enjoy!

  4. We will get outside as much as possible!!

  5. We’ll be reveling in daffodils and tulips initially then long walks in daylight!

  6. laying in the sun sleeping that is pawsome in my book

  7. Nice to finally see some green grass and blue skies again.

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