Christmas is Coming – Is That The Mailman?

presents2014Just like us humans, dogs also wait for their presents when Christmas is approaching, as you can see in the above picture.  The bad thing about it is that I don’t know yet what to get for them.  Any ideas?  I think an orthopedic bed.  They all go to the front window when they hear the doorbell ring expecting goodies for them.  Brats! presents2014 (2)And this is what most people end up seeing once I open the door.  Two adorable furry kids waiting for presents.  Talk about not having any patience.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. Jaye Bee says:

    I think our dogs wanted a new sofa for Christmas… a much larger one so both of them could stretch out. 😉

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. I think Alex does too.

  2. Beautiful dogs. Beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing. Joe

    1. Marcela says:

      Thanks Joe. Have a great weekend:-)

  3. Cuties! I ended up buying a GoPro Fetch so the dogs can record videos and a car barrier to keep them from sliding into the front seat–along with their standard new toy/treats! Lol, I blogged about my dog’s “wishlists” this week––it has a few other ideas that might help. The Ortho bed sounds awesome–although my boys have a habit of destroying doggie beds. Let us know what they end up getting 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      Wow! Great ideas. I’ve been thinking about a GoPro Fetch so that one is for sure going on my list. Thanks for the input and great ideas. Yes, I’ll blog about what they get. Have a great Sunday.

  4. says:

    I like the orthopedic beds made with Back on Track fabric covers. This ceramic based technology helps to support dogs with arthritis. Of course, the other (and low cost) thing we can give our dogs at Christmas is quality time. I’m sure you have that planned.

    1. Marcela says:

      Thanks for your input. I am going to take a look at Back on Track. Yes, she’ll get plenty of quality time. My girl deserves it. Thanks for stopping by:-)

  5. Bethula says:

    Adorable dogs, and a beautiful blog 🙂

  6. Easy acts like crazy too. And this time I’m strong and he has to wait till christmas (never thought that a Weimaraner can be as stinky as a diva). I like orthopedic beds, some make really sense and help the pups. And it’s not just a gift what’s eaten within 5 minutes, it stays longer ( except a bed for a Weim).

    1. Marcela says:

      Thanks for the input. I was also thinking about an ortho bed.

  7. Clearly they have figured out the doorbell means gifts! Whoever thinks dogs are dumb hasn’t seen how fiendishly clever they really are! Such a sweet greeting from your pair. 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      You are so right and that is what I tell those that do not have dogs:-) Thanks for stopping by.

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