Dogs Are Individuals


Roxy, Alex, and Gir (L to R)
Roxy, Alex, and Gir (L to R)

The above picture is one of my favorite pictures.  Most of us can easily see their differences because of their color, size, breed, etc., but most importantly what we, pet parents, need to keep in mind is that every dog is an individual.  As such, the approach we use regarding training, housebreaking, behavior modification, etc., needs to be tailored to that particular dog.

Roxy – Cute Pom

  • She has a big personality and always walks like she owns the place
  • She is my little shadow and loves to be with us
  • She gets easily scared of anything that flies such as bees, butterflies, etc., but she unbelievably brave when she thinks her human is in danger

Alex – My Pit Mix

  • She is a quiet Alpha, but she easily lets any other dog take that place
  • She gets along with all dogs, but prefers to hang out with people
  • She walks perfectly with a Gentle Leader

Gir – Min-Pin

  • The smallest dog I’ve taken care of so far, but just like Roxy, he has a big personality
  • He loves to snuggle on my lap and sunbathe with Alex
  • He has a lot of energy

individuals2When you decide to take your dog for training and/or behavior modification or if you decide to go at it alone, please remember that your dog is an individual and that even learning will be up to your dog.  Some dogs are fast learners, while others take a little longer.  The key ingredient you need to have for sure is patience.  A lot of patience.  Also, have fun with your dog.

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  1. gidzmo says:

    I have not been able to use a harness with Kita (our Bluenose Pit bull). She loves walks, but tends to pull. A choke collar and Grips leash (2 loops, one on top) are what I have been using. And hot dog bits, which she loves. And loads of patience (for me).

    1. Marcela says:

      I am so glad you are working with your dog. A lot of trainers recommend a harness, and I am not against using a harness, but that is once your dog is already trained. Why? Because if your dog is not trained, all he is going to do is pull you and their chest is the strongest part of their body. You are doing great. Keep up the good work:-)

      1. gidzmo says:

        Yep, found out about the chest. I had been using the choke chain, but decided one day (when close to home) to try the harness. She pulled me to the nearest tree! Back to the choke chain.

        A trick I learned from another trainer: when Kita decides she’s going to pull me, I take her back the way we came for a short distance, then turn and continue with the walk. She gets the message: no pulling!

      2. Marcela says:

        Lol. I am not surprised. Excellent tip from the trainer. I had difficult dogs when it comes to walking, and I do the same as what your trainer suggested to you and after a couple of times they get the message: no pulling.

  2. Such cuties! I walk both of my dogs on gentle leaders, which is the best dog-walking aid I ever encountered! They are both often accused of being “well-behaved” on a leash. 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. That’s wonderful. For Alex, my pit mix, a Gentle Leader is the best “collar” to use. Thanks for stopping by:-)

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