Walter, My Aussie Companion

IMG_4639Every time I see Walter, this is what comes to mind first, “Que guapo,” in Spanish.  Best translation since a literal translation would end up having a different meaning is, “So handsome.”

Walter will be staying with us for a few days so I am crossing my fingers that the weather is nice and we can take long walks together.  If not, I’ll have him help me do chores.  My favorite one and the one that gets all dogs tired: doing laundry.

18 responses to “Walter, My Aussie Companion

  1. hope all goes well! 🙂

  2. He is most handsome! I would say our little Nike’ is cute, but for Walter .. you are right he is handsome! I would say beautiful but Walter might not like that! 😉 Thanks for the like on my post.

  3. Walter is one handsome lad!!!! Hope your weather there comes just as you like it for lots of long walks!!!!

  4. very handsome…

  5. I would love to know how exactly they help you do laundry?

    • Lol. Sure, no problem. My home has 3 levels and this is what I do: I go get all white/light clothes from the 3rd level and take it to the 1st level. I, then, go back to the 3rd level to get dark/black clothes and take that to the 1st level. After that, I go back to the 3rd level to get Alex’s laundry from the 3rd level to the 1st level. Walter is following all this time, and while I load the washer/dryer he has to sit and wait for me. This makes him and many other dogs tired. Why do I do this? Is good exercise for him, but he also has to practice self-control, waiting for me, and he gets to work on his obedience commands. I hope that helps.

      • That’s such a good idea, thanks for explaining it.. I might try something similar with my dog 🙂

      • Lol. Great. When I told a pet parent about this, she just laughed and said, “omg, I could easily exercise him and stimulate him mentally while doing what I need to do.” Right!

  6. Handsome pup indeed, I love his coloring.

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