My Chaotic Home: A Laid Back Tuesday


I had a pet parent a while ago say, “Your house must be very noisy and chaotic when you have dogs staying with you.”  Well, yes and no.

Yes, my home is chaotic when: a pet parent is dropping off or picking up her furry kid because the other dogs can smell and hear this person; someone rings the bell and all the dogs want to know who this person happens to be; and when we are getting ready to take a walk because they are all excited to go out.


Other than that, my home is pretty quiet and not chaotic at all.  I like to have the TV or radio on because, and I learned this from experience, it muffle the noises going on outside and all the dogs are able to nap in peace.  The ones that come to stay with us often have a favorite place and many times forgo their bed.  One perfect example is Walter.  He is either under the dining room table or in the kitchen rather than his bed.


There are two things or goals, I should say, that I aim for when living and boarding dogs: provide a stress-free environment for the dogs that stay with us, and enjoy each other’s company.  A couple of years ago, I had a friend of mine tell me that she was very stressed out since she got a dog and that once her dog passed away she was not planning to get another one.  I believe that living with a dog(s) should be an enjoyable and enriching experience, but we, pet parents, need to do our part in order to accomplish that.  Do you enjoy having a dog or does it stress you out?

12 responses to “My Chaotic Home: A Laid Back Tuesday

  1. Every time we bring in a new foster there is a period of adjustment and stress. I think this is especially true as most of the dogs that we’ve brought in to our home have had behavioral issues that prevented their adoption directly from the shelter, so needed lots of work on and management of their issues. As you figure things out with the new dog and the new pack dynamics, things calm down, and you are able to start enjoying the dog for who they are. There is nothing nicer than coming home after a stressful day at work and having a dog cuddle with you and give you little kisses.

  2. Companion animals be it dogs, cats, guinea pigs… are a wonderful stress relief. They can be a handful at times, but like you describe, it’s only for a very short amount of time versus the time they are calm and beautiful and peaceful. I love my dog!

  3. First time round it changes your life completely – once you get used to it, you couldn’t have it any other way 😉

    • So true. Having a dog changes a person in more ways that we realize at the time. I used to love to party before getting my first dog, Casey, but after I got him my “fun time” was actually staying at home with him watching movies while he was sound asleep.

  4. Dogs are so rewarding and relaxing, they ease my stress, for sure!

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