This Past Weekend With 3 K-9 Companions

Alex asleep

Alex asleep

This weekend I was trying to see if I could take some pictures, but I had to wait until Alex woke up.  Can you see the Nylabone right on top of her paw?



Gir was ready for his photo shoot, but first he wanted to play a bit.  The things these models request from me.  Unbelievable.



Roxy, on the other hand, did not want anything at all from me and was more than ready and willing to pose for pictures.

Roxy, Alex, and Gir

Roxy, Alex, and Gir

Cynthia finally got them all together and took this picture while I stood behind her with a treat in my hand.  Gir must’ve been very happy for he was the only boy in the bunch.  He played with Roxy for a little while until she told her enough, and being the gentleman that he is, of course, he obliged and let her be.

6 responses to “This Past Weekend With 3 K-9 Companions

  1. Just don’t try to get Naomi Campbell to pose for you, she’d take that nylabone and beat you with it LOL. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Result! Funny how a treat can get everyone’s attention 😉

  3. Great shots. I especially love the one of Gir – it looks like he is playing in a forest of chair legs.

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