Big Dogs And Little Dogs


I always thought that Roxy would always be the smallest dog I’d ever have the opportunity to pet sit, but boy was I wrong.  The new title goes to Gir, a min pin.

Gir and Alex
Gir and Alex

By the way, the reason why they are both sitting on that particular spot is because there is a vent to the side, and you get all the heat from it if you stand right where they are both posing.  Smart doggies.  Ok. Alex is posing, Gir is just eyeing that bone.

I had to convince Gir that after I took the pictures he could have that bone all to himself in order to get him to cooperate for this picture.

Gir and Alex
Gir and Alex

Aha!  I finally got both of them to look my way.  I’ve always thought of Alex as a medium-size dog except for today.  She looks huge next to Gir and Roxy.  I love to see dogs of different breeds, sizes, personalities, etc.  They are all so amazing.

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  1. newsferret says:

    And did a dog lover enjoy this.

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