Chicken Soup For My Canine Companion

Let me start by saying, as I made crystal clear in a previous post but I believe is worth repeating, that I hate to cook with a passion that no words could ever explain nor describe, but I do cook for my dog, Alex.  I am in awe anytime I see my girlfriend cook.  Once in a while I watch her cook, and she is so in a zone and many times oblivious to what’s around her.  It’s beautiful to watch her cook.

Anyway, Alex got more and more picky as she got older so now I have to cook for her.  She does eat her kibble, but she seems to enjoy having a little variety in her meals.  What she enjoys a lot, specially during the winter, is chicken soup so I cook it often for her.

Brocolli, celery and carrots.

broccoli, celery and carrots.

This is what I put in the chicken soup for my daughter

  • 2 to 4 chicken legs
  • Broccoli.  Not a lot because it makes her fart
  • Celery.  Cut it small
  • Carrots.  Make sure they are cooked so your dog can digest it easier
  • The broccoli, celery and carrots can be substituted for peas, cauliflower, or potatoes
  • One chicken bouillon
  • A pinch of salt
Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

I used to add rice or noodles, but I stopped doing it because they absorbed too much of the liquid and Alex was not too happy about it.  She likes it better when I add a bit of cooked rice to the portion that I am serving to her at that particular time.


Most of the time, not always, Alex loves my cooking and it makes me feel so happy that she enjoys my cooking.  My one and only fan:-)

If you have any recipes you’d like to share or perhaps suggestions to my chicken soup, please feel free to share with us.  Enjoy your week.

8 responses to “Chicken Soup For My Canine Companion

  1. Maybe you could invite me for lunch too ;o) Looks yummy! must laugh about the Broccoli ;o)

  2. Very glad you incuded the caveat about the broccoli. My first thought when I saw it in the picture, whoa that makes for some stinky farts! Green beans are also good for dogs, they make them feel fool.

    • Lol. I had to mention the fart and broccoli. I did not want any parent mad at me telling me that because of my post his dog farted like never before. I have to cover all bases:) Green beans, excellent idea. Thanks.

  3. So Alex tucks into homemade soup and you eat take out?!

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