Walking In The Snow With My Dog, Alex

Marcela, "Hello everybody."
Marcela, “Hello everybody.”

Cynthia, my girlfriend, has told me a few times that I rarely ever post a photo of myself so I decided to do it this time without complaining.

Alex and I.
Alex and I.  Responsible pet parent picking up after Alex.

This week we got some snow here in Maryland so I took Alex out so she can stretch her legs and do her business.  It was a beautiful day, and this coming from me is just not possible, but I actually said it and was surprised when I uttered the words.  I have always loved a tropical climate, but for the last couple of years I am actually enjoying winter.

Alex, "mom, what is that."
Alex, “mom, what is that.”

As we were passing by some trees, some snow blew our way.  Can you see Alex’s little ears?  They look adorable.

Alex, "Do I really have to wear 2 sweaters?"
Alex, “Do I really have to wear 2 sweaters?”

When it gets pretty cold, I make Alex wear 2 sweaters.  If you decide to walk your dog, please remember the following things:

  1. Keep your dog’s fur between her toes trimmed.  By doing so, her feet will attract less ice.
  2. Limit the time your dog is outdoors.  If she is shivering, and looking at you with pleading eyes, this is your clue for you to take her inside right away.
  3. Make her wear at least 1 sweater.  Dogs like Alex have very short hair and really need to wear at least 1 sweater.
  4. Before venturing outside, apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to her pads.  Make sure to wipe off and inspect her paws after the walk to remove any debris and check for any cracks.
  5. It is time-consuming to apply and remove Petroleum Jelly so the alternative is to buy your dog some boots.

walkinginthesnow5Make the best of the snow and cold weather, but please, always remember to be safe and take care of yourself and your canine companion.

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  1. TBM says:

    We make Miles wear two sweaters sometimes. He doesn’t have any hair. And he will shiver when outside, but loves the snow so much I have to pick him up and carry him indoors. Now if you can explain to him that I’m not being mean I’d appreciate it. Beautiful photos. Oh, and can you teach my neighbors to pick up after their dogs. Twice this month I’ve stepped in it.

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. If I knew how to convince him that what you doing is for his best interest, I’d probably be able to make a lot of money “interpreting” for pet parents:) Oh, you and me both. A lot of people have dogs in my neighborhood and a small amount of them do not pick up after their dog. Yes, be responsible and pick up after your canine kids:)

  2. Queen Willow says:

    Love the pictures, and I love the two sweaters……….beautiful puppy you have there

  3. Vaseline on paw pads, I wish I had known that. I tried rubbing lotion on them, but both dogs would start licking it off so I’d end up wiping it anyway.

    1. Marcela says:

      Lol. Just so you know, they’ll do the same with the Petroleum Jelly. The trick is to apply just before you go out the door and then grab your doggies and bolt out the door before they start leaking their paws:)

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