BBQing In January



Yes, I know.  You are probably thinking, “Why would anybody be bbqing in January?”  Specially when we live on the east coast, but on my defense I’d like to say and point out that Cynthia offered to bbq, and I accepted her offer.  The day was very sunny, but cold and there were two sous chefs on hand to help her.

Sous chef 1, Alex.

Sous chef 1, Alex.

As you can see, Alex was a reluctant sous chef, but she did try to help.  She gets cold very easy so she started to shiver and went to the area where she could get a bit of sun, but it did not help so I opened the sliding door to see if she would go inside and warm up a bit.


Sous chef 2, Roxy

Roxy, unlike Alex, was quite a cooperative sous chef and took it upon herself to patrol our deck to make sure that no human or animal would get close to us, but most importantly to the food.



Even though the sliding door was wide open, Alex decided to stay outside with us so I had to call her inside, along with Roxy, because it was pretty cold.  Can you see Alex’s relief face?  Anyway, we had a delicious meal, but I think I’ll wait until the weather gets a bit warm before going outside to bbq.  Although, the one that bbqs is Cynthia, but her sous chefs are usually right behind her and if you have dogs you know that they want to be wherever you are even if that means being in discomfort.  Enjoy the beginning of this week with all your loved ones.

10 responses to “BBQing In January

  1. Best time for BBQ? – anytime! Wish we could have one too – but sadly we have a lot of rain – maybe we could have a fish-bbq?

  2. You couldn’t drag my 100 pound sous chef out to help out. She runs out to potty and straight back in to her favorite spot in the floor.

  3. You need to relocate to the Phoenix metro area, where one can practically bbq any time of the year. Indeed I thought briefly about doing bbq at the weekend but never went farther with the thought; maybe some night this week I will pick up some chicken at the grocery store and start cooking.

    • Lol. Well, you do have a good idea. Moving to Phoenix would increase my chances of bbqing even in January:) But I am sorry to say that I really do like Maryland, and I don’t think we’ll be moving any time soon, but thanks for the idea:)

  4. Aaah, there’s cold and then there’s -35! W have bbqed on Christmas day in France but that was +18. All the dogs and cats were on for it that day 😉

  5. My little companions couldn’t wait to go on their walk in the -35 degree windchill this morning! When I stopped to pick up a little something Barney had left, they both took turns picking up their cold little feet before we started walking again. They like it when the space heater is on. There will be no BBQing today!

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