Sienna, A Beautiful Beagle/Chihuahua Mix

Let me start by introducing Sienna, a Beagle/Chihuahua mix.


Sienna will be staying with us for a couple of weeks, and so far these are the things I’ve noticed she likes to do:

Sienna, rubbing her back on her bed


Sienna teaching Alex new “tricks”

Chewing on a Nylabone

Of all the things Sienna likes to do, I’d venture to say that the most enjoyable for her is chewing on the nylabones I leave around the house.

The first thing I did the day she came over to stay with us was to take her and Alex for a really nice long walk in order for both of them to understand that we are a pack and by doing this avoid any conflict between them.

13 responses to “Sienna, A Beautiful Beagle/Chihuahua Mix

  1. You are a wonderful person. Thank you!!

  2. Is she’s a “Cheagle” or a “Beahauhua”? She is a beauty queen!

  3. What a beautiful house guest.

  4. Those are all things that I like to do too! Well, with the exception of chewing on a Nylabone of course! She’s a good dog!

  5. As Easy says, we’ve never seen that mix before – it works! Looks like you and Alex are going to have a nice time with Sienne 😉

    • Me either. I’ve never seen this kind of mix breed dog, and she is adorable, docile, funny, friendly and so much more. We are enjoying having her with us:)

  6. I’ve never seen before a BeaglexChihuahua Mix. Think the nose looks Chihuahua-like – it’s a cutie ;o)

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