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Nylabones For Dogs

Alex enjoying a Nylabone

Alex enjoying a Nylabone

My girl, Alex, loves to chew on nylabones.  I usually buy nylabones of different sizes and flavors and leave them all over the house so she and the dogs that stay with us can enjoy them.

Alex is a chewer and she’ll probably be like that for the rest of her life since she is already 10 1/2 years old.  My first dog, Casey, on the other hand only cared to chew on bones until he was about 3 years old.  It really depends on the dog.  Some are chewers and others are not.

Sienna with a Nylabone

Sienna with a Nylabone

Sienna, just like Alex, is a chewer.  She tends to favor the bones that are almost her size.

I like nylabones because they: help maintain teeth clean; drain some energy; and serve as another toy.

Right after our walk, Sienna loves to grab one of the bones and chew on it.  After she has done this for awhile she is out like a light.



Make sure that regardless of wether you get bones, toys, rawhide, etc., for your dog you supervise her to make sure you avoid any accidents that could lead to a visit to the vet.

Sienna, A Beautiful Beagle/Chihuahua Mix

Let me start by introducing Sienna, a Beagle/Chihuahua mix.


Sienna will be staying with us for a couple of weeks, and so far these are the things I’ve noticed she likes to do:

Sienna, rubbing her back on her bed


Sienna teaching Alex new “tricks”

Chewing on a Nylabone

Of all the things Sienna likes to do, I’d venture to say that the most enjoyable for her is chewing on the nylabones I leave around the house.

The first thing I did the day she came over to stay with us was to take her and Alex for a really nice long walk in order for both of them to understand that we are a pack and by doing this avoid any conflict between them.

Happy Txsgiving From All My Canine Companions To Everybody

Our turkey

This is how our turkey looked at noon on Thanksgiving day.  Boy, I was glad we had a nice hearty breakfast.

Josie and Sienna

The two sous chefs, Josie and Sienna, decided to take a nap after helping Cynthia put the turkey in the oven.

Josie, Alex and Sienna

I was trying to explain to them that cooking a turkey takes a couple of hours, but I don’t think I was able to convince them because they were all looking at me as if saying, “yeah, right!”


No, the turkey is not cooked yet.  Just a couple of more hours kids.


After a couple of hours, even Josie got tired of waiting for the turkey and fell asleep.

What? The turkey is finally done?

Ok, I think that now we are almost ready to eat.


Our Alex decided to help Cynthia by guarding the turkey from the oven to the table.

Our Thanksgiving dinner

After almost 8 hours of cooking, let me rephrase this, after 8 hours of Cynthia’s hard work, we were ready to sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner, but first we wanted to get all the kids together and take a picture.

My pack

We took a bunch of pictures, and this was the only one that I could use.  Why?  Because the kids, Josie, our Alex, and Sienna were not cooperating.  When two of them would be perfectly sitting, the third one would decide to go to the kitchen, or go back to bed.  Believe it or not, this was the most fun and enjoyable time for me because I kept laughing every time we tried to make them pose and they moved.  I think we were not clear when we were giving them directions on how to pose.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Nap Time For All My Canine Guests

Alex and Sienna sunbathing

Most of the doggies that stay with us, love to sunbathe and the most sought out place in my house is by the sliding door that leads to the deck, as you can see by this picture.

Josie, Alex, and Sienna

Darn it!  I had the tv on and someone rang the bell.  The sounds from a tv set nowdays is so realistic that it woke up the kids.  They really thought there was someone at the door, but it was just the tv.  Also, I put a bigger bed for Sienna, but she prefers her little one.


Josie, a beautiful weimaraner, wanted her picture taken all by herself and I, of course, obliged.

I did not get a chance to take a picture of all of them asleep, but I’ll try next time.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your loved ones.

Come On Kids, The Canine Kind, Let’s Barbecue

Yes, let’s barbecue in November.  This time Cynthia had two, Alex and Sienna, sous chefs in tow, therefore, thank God, she did not need me.


Are we going to bbq or not?

Boy, these kids have not patience at all.

Are you ready? Yes

Cynthia with her two sous chefs, Alex and Sienna

Wow!  Finally.  Why do they take so long to cook?

I don’t know, but I think I’ll stay close to mom. I don’t trust Sienna yet.

Sienna has an innocent look that Alex is just not buying.

I think we should both guard the food.

At least this time, they did pose for this picture.


Since the sous chefs helped Cynthia so much, I think they deserve a nap.

We never thought cooking was so exhausting. Good night.

We had a delicious meal paired up with an equally delicious wine, and as you can see the kids, Alex and Sienna, are pretty tired after helping so much.  After our meal, we all went out for a nice long walk to help digest all that food we ate.  Try to include your canine companions in the things you do to make that time more enjoyable and fun.









Walking Around Our Neighborhood

Today, Saturday, is a beautiful and sunny day so rather than taking a long walk in the evening like I usually do, I decided to walk in the early afternoon with Alex and Marka and enjoy the weather.


Alex and Marka

Alex and Marka on our deck

This is right before I cleaned them a little bit: hair brushing and paw cleaning with wipes.  I like to do this on my deck, but if I cannot I’d do a fast cleaning before entering our house.

Alex and Marka after our walk and grooming

I usually walk around 40 minutes, but when the day is as beautiful as today I walk a little longer.  Are they tired?  You bet.  They both drank some water after our walk and went straight to bed.  Well, Alex went to bed, Marka only posed for the photos I took, after that she decided that sleeping by my feet would be more comfortable than her bed.  Go figure! Have a great weekend and enjoy your canine companions.




Alex’s Favorite Pastime: Sleeping

Every dog has a favorite pastime, and I’ve realized that Alex’s favorite pastime for the last 2 years is sleeping.  It does not matter to her whether this “pastime” of her is done on her bed or our couch for what it counts to her is that she is left alone to sleep.

Alex posing for this picture

I don’t know if any pet parent has noticed this on her dog, but whenever Alex wakes up her little eyes look slanted.  She looks so adorable and funny.  Now, I asked myself, “Is this because she is from Ecuador or all dogs wake up and look like this?”  I am from Ecuador and so is Alex, and some people from Ecuador happen to have their eyes slanted so may be her eyes look slanted because she is from Ecuador?  I wonder.  What do you think?

Alex pretending to be asleep for this photo

I’ll try to remember the next time she wakes up to take a picture so I can show you how funny she looks with slanted eyes.

Alex And Halloween – Part II

This year I decided not to make Alex wear her pumpkin costume.  I was debating about whether or not to do it, but for one, Alex does not like to wear a costume, and two, I promised another blogger that as a sign of solidarity I’ll let Halloween go by without making a big deal about it.

I cannot promise the same for next year, but this year, Alex slept peacefully right next to me while I watched TV.

This is not a costume, but rather what Alex wears at home when she is cold.