Make Walking Your Dog During The Summer A Pleasant Experience For Both Of You


Alex, My Walking PartnerJust because Summer is here and the weather lately has been really hot, to put it mildly, it does not mean that you should not walk your dog.  Walk your dog, but adjust or change the length of your walk, time, and make sure to bring water for you, the pet parent, and your dog.  Here are a couple of things I do when I walk Alex:

  1. Walk early in the morning.  I get up at 6am to walk with Alex.
  2. Bring water and make sure to stop to hydrate yourself and your dog.
  3. Carry poop bags, wipes, and hand sanitizer.
  4. Wear a hat and sunglasses.
  5. Walk late in the evening.  The pavement can get pretty hot and damage your dog’s pads.
  6. Do not wear headphones.  You need to pay attention to your surroundings.

You see?  Walking in this crazy hot weather can still be enjoyable as long as you take the necessary precautions.  Take your dog out for a walk and enjoy it.

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